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Powell is portrayed by Temuera Morrison, and Viper is portrayed by Christopher Kirby, and Christina X is portrayed by Natasa Ristic.


Powell, Viper, and Christina X were first seen in the museum. there, they captured Dora, and her friends but was rescue by Alejandro but later in the film, it turns out Powell, Viper, and Christina X were minions of Alejandro. Dora, and her friends were captured but later got rescue by Boots, and Viper was defeated by yo-yo. later when Dora, and the others sneak in to the Lost City of Gold. They use a golden poison frog to defeat Powell. Princess Kawillaka and her guards captured Alejandro, Powell, Viper, and Christina X.


  • Powell, Viper, and Christina X are thought to be the secondary antagonists of the film.