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Pirate Pig is a pig who is a pirate. He appears in pirate episodes of Dora the Explorer, such as Treasure Island, Dora's Pirate Adventure and Pirate Treasure Hunt.
Pirate Pig
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Name Pirate Pig
Species Pig
Gender Male
Occupation Pirate
Interests Treasure, finding treasure
Dislikes Losing treasure
First Appearance Treasure Island
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Friends Pirate Piggies, Dora, Boots, Pirate Parrot
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Enemies Swiper
Voiced By Chris Gifford
John Leguizamo (Dora's Pirate Adventure)


Pirate Pig is mostly pink with white eyes and black pupils. He wears a red pirate jacket, a purple belt with some orange, and a red pirate hat with yellow outlines.


  • He is voiced by Chris Gifford in all of his appearances, with the exception of Dora's Pirate Adventure, where guest star John Leguizamo voices him instead.
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