Dora the Explorer Wiki

Boots: Come on! The beach, the beach! (Dora and Boots walk over to the lifeguard.)

Lifeguard: Hi, Dora!

Dora: Hi, Lifeguard!

(Dora takes off her backpack and flip flops.)

Dora: Would you watch us swim?

Lifeguard: Sure!

Boots: Come on! Come on!

Dora: Splish!

Boots: Splash!

Both: Sploosh!

(Benito swims over.)

Dora: Boots! Look who's here!

Boots: Benito!

Boots: I hope Tico comes.

(Tico swims to Boots and taps him on the shoulder.)

Boots: Tico!

(Tico hugs Boots and afterwards, We Did It song starts playing.)

Dora, Boots, Benito, Tico: Goodbye! ¡Adiós!

Dora: See you soon!