Perrito's Big Surprise
Dora The Explorer Perrito's Big Surprise cap4
Airdate Monday, October 15, 2012
Season 7
Episode 7
Previous Dora's Moonlight Adventure
Next Dora & Diego's Amazing Animal Circus Adventure
Perrito's Big Surprise is the 7th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 7.

Characters present


Dora's puppy, Perrito has a big surprise. Dora, Boots, and Perrito need to get to Surprise Hill before Swiper.


The wizard with his missing piece

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  • This episode is very similar to ¡Rápido, Tico!
  • Tico owns a dog named Lalo.
  • Benny owns four frogs.
  • Isa owns a duck named Duckie.
  • Roberto owns a big robot parrot named Yoyo.
  • This is the 147th episode of the show.
  • The episode premiered exactly 11 years after Call Me Mr. Riddles premiered and exactly 9 years after ¡Por Favor! premiered.
  • This is the first of only three Season 7 episodes in which Dora and Boots sing the Travel Song in full and they only sing it once.
    • Perrito barks every time they clap their hands after asking "Where are we going?"
    • The last "Where are we going?" is asked in Spanish.
    • Dora and Boots stopped Swiper 3 times in this episode.


  • In Dora's Got a Puppy, Swiper didn't hide Perrito's present because he loves puppies. Also in Bark, Bark to Play Park, he says he wouldn't swipe from his own puppy. However he still decides to try and swipe Perrito's surprise in this episode.


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