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Perrito (Season 4)

Perrito (Spanish for “Puppy”) is Dora's pet puppy that first appeared in the episode Big Sister Dora. But, his official debut was in Dora's Got a Puppy, where Dora and Boots deliver a present to him. He is very active and enjoys performing tricks. He has a twin who is owned by Swiper.


Playing as a minor character in the Dora the Explorer television series, Perrito is a brown-colored puppy owned by Dora. He appears in further episodes in a slightly smaller role.

He makes a minor cameo appearance in the Dora and Friends: Into the City! episode, Doggie Day!. In Puppy Princess Rescue, he joins Dora, Kate, and Kate's puppy Roja in saving the Puppy Princess of Doggieland from the Cranky Cats. While in Doggieland he is capable of speech. He is also shown to have a good sense of smell.


Perrito's body is mostly brown. He has a black nose and a pair of white eyes with black pupils. He also wears a blue collar.


Perrito appears in several episodes of Dora the Explorer. His first appearance was in Big Sister Dora. Perrito also appears in Dora and Friends: Into the City!, having moved to the city along with Dora and her family.

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  • Perrito is Spanish for "Puppy".
  • As Perrito was popular with girls when he first appeared, an educational online game was produced featuring Perrito being taken care of by Dora.
  • Perrito first appeared in Big Sister Dora. It is possible that the aforementioned episode took place after Dora's Got a Puppy therefore, Dora always had him from that day on, or if that episode took place before Big Sister Dora, he would be adopted.
  • Perrito made an appearance on Catch the Babies; he was sleeping in Dora's bed just as she woke up. Soon after, she heard her twin brother and sister from afar.
  • Perrito appeared in two Dora and Friends: Into the City! episodes at the end of Doggie Day! and Puppy Princess Rescue.
  • When Perrito first appeared, he had dark brown fur; from Season 5 and onward, his fur became a much lighter brown.
  • Despite his lip-syncing of "Birthday hug for Dora!" in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure, his first voice role is played by Dora's voice actress Fátima Ptacek in the Dora and Friends episode Puppy Princess Rescue.


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