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Pablo is a boy who was first introduced in the episode "Pablo's Flute".


Dora and Boots read a story about the time Pablo played music to make things grow with a magic flute. Pablo lived on a rocky farm with his grandfather. One day Pablo's grandfather carved a flute of many colors. Each piece of the magic flute had a different number of holes. The magenta piece had 1 hole, the orange piece had 2 holes, the yellow piece had 3, the purple piece had 4, and the red piece had 5. Pablo played his flute and everything grew, the animals danced, and even the chickens laid eggs. Soon after, a terrible storm came and it knocked the flute out of Pablo's hand. When the storm subsided, Pablo and his grandfather searched for the magic flute but they couldn't find it. This caused a big drought in the farm. When the story was finished, Dora and Boots were determined to find Pablo's flute and bring it back to him so that he can play his music so that everything on his mountain can grow again. They find it and then they bring it back to Pablo. Along the way, the flute breaks when Dora and Boots try to get across the windy bridge. But once they fixed it like new, they continued on with their journey. When Dora and Boots climbed up to Pablo's mountain, they gave back the flute to Pablo. Not long after that, Dora and Boots watched as Pablo played his flute and everything started to grow once again, making everyone in the farm happy.


Pablo has tan skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a yellow long-sleeved undershirt with a blue short-sleeved shirt over it, tan capris and light yellow shoes with light and dark blue patterns on it. In Dora The Explorer, he wore a light blue short-sleeved shirt, navy blue shorts and brown open toed sandals. Also, his eye color changed to brown.





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