"I'm the king! I just sang a whole song about it.
Name Owl
Species Owl
Gender Male
Occupation Forest Ruler (previously)
Interests Being alone (previously)
Dislikes Making friends (previously)
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Friends Dora, Boots, Unicornio
Relatives N/A
Enemies Dora, Boots, Unicornio (previously)
Voiced By Jason Alexander

Owl is one of the creatures in the Enchanted Forest.


He is a loner and isn't very comfortable with everyone in the forest. He wants to be the only living thing to live in the forest. Once he seized the title as king of the enchanted forest, he tried banishing everyone from the forest. But Dora and Boots stops him and tells him that banishing everyone from the forest isn't fair and they need to be treated fairly. This causes Owl to apologize for his behavior and he abdicates the throne and returns the crown to Unicornio and he promised to not act as a loner and to treat everyone nicely and make friends.


Owl has purple feathers.

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