Noisy Star

Noisy Star (sometimes known as just "Noisy") is a blue female explorer star from Star Catcher, Stuck TruckLouder!, Dora Saves the Game and Star Mountain.


Honking out loud like a horn. She does this to chase away bad and scary animals or does it just for fun.

Noisy Star also has the ability to warn Dora and Boots about Swiper.


  • She first appeared in the episode Stuck Truck (Star Catcher in earlier airings).
  • In her mini-game, the viewer has to help her figure out what she is warning Dora about. The scene is originally taken from Whose Birthday is It? where Dora drives the log boat across the Sneezing Snake Lake.


  • In Stuck Truck and Louder!, Noisy was referred as a male, but she is actually a female. It is possible that there are two Noisy Stars looking alike, or that they just mistakenly called her a male.
  • In Stuck Truck and Louder!, there were sound effects added to the animals when Dora was about to steer away from then. In Dora Saves the Game, those sounds are absent.
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