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Musical School Days is the first DVD-only Dora the Explorer release. It features episodes from its 4th season and its 2nd season as a bonus.


  1. La Maestra de Música
  2. Boots to the Rescue
  3. The Happy Old Troll
  4. A Letter for Swiper

Special Features[]

  • The Wonder Pets! Sneak Peek of the episode "Save the Wonder Pets!"
  • Previews


  • This is the first DVD-only release of the show, and the first to debut a new back cover.
  • Beginning with this video, there are no longer VHS counterparts due to the fact that major movie studios discontinuing to make VHS tapes in 2007.
  • This is the 3rd DVD release to feature A Letter for Swiper after Cowgirl Dora and second being Big Sister Dora.
  • This DVD premiered exactly 5 years after Lost Squeaky premiered.
  • This is the first DVD to use the Nick Jr. stars logo on the cover.
  • This DVD is also released 1 month after the Little Einsteins' season 2 premiere.
  • This is technically the fifth DVD after Map Adventures, Pirate Adventure, Big Sister Dora, and Animal Adventures where Swiper did not swipe anything at least once since he appeared to receive his letter on the last episode.


  • The DVD uses an international print of the first two episodes, since the Nick Jr. butterflies are blank, and the Nickelodeon butterfly appears. This happens again with the next DVD release as well. This is due to the fact that there are also Spanish and French audio tracks on the DVD, which explains why the international print of said episode is used.