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Moving Like a Jaguar is a song about how jaguars get around. It was heard in Baby Jaguar's Roar.


Note: Lyrics in italics are spoken.

We're going to Big Mountain to save the Baby Bear,
Moving like a jaguar can help to get us there!
Let’s all move like jaguars do! Will you help us move like a jaguar?
Great! You have to stand up to move like jaguars! Stand up, please!
Up, up, up! Stand up!
Now run like a jaguar run, run, run!
Run, run, run!
And jump like a jaguar jump, jump, jump!
Jump, jump, jump!
And swim like a jaguar swim, swim, swim!
Swim, swim, swim!
And climb like a jaguar climb, climb, climb!
Climb, climb, climb!