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Moose A. Moose (most often just "Moose") is the host of Noggin/Nick Jr. Channel from April 7, 2003 until March 1, 2012.


Moose's first-ever appearance was in a commercial where Noggin's previous host, Feetface, introduced him and Zee. This commercial ran from Late February to April 2003. Moose and Zee officially started hosting the daytime block on April 7, 2003.

Although the Noggin channel closed in 2009, Moose has appeared many times since then. From 2009 to 2012, many of Moose and Zee's segments reran on the Nick Jr. channel. In 2015, Noggin was rebooted with the Noggin App, and Moose returned as the mascot. Many new animations of Moose were made for the app, with new dialogue recorded as well. In 2019, Moose and Zee were retired as the hosts, but their segments are still viewable in a section on the app.

In the UK, Moose and Zee hosted the Noggin block on TMF. The UK voice of Moose was done by David Holt. After a rebrand in 2010, the block disbanded, but Moose and Zee began to appear on the British Nick Jr. channel until January 2013.


Moose is a bright yellow moose who stands upright. He has hooves for feet and rounded brown antlers on his head. His eyes are white with black pupils, and they each have a wedge-shaped highlight on them. His outline is a light orange color.


Moose is the on-air teacher of Noggin/Nick Jr. He engages his young audience by curating experiences, facilitating discovery, and asking questions. As the teacher figure, he is knowledgeable but almost Socratic in his eagerness to see the audience figure things out for themselves. He often delivers information by asking a question. Moose is a great instructor, sharing in his audience's enthusiasm and curiosity.

In the Season 3 premiere promo with Moose and Zee in it. Moose was kind to all of the characters he meets. He first hated getting clicked on by the blue cursor when it touched him, which made him first scream, but then he found out it tickled him when it clicked on him again.


He First appeared in a 2004 Noggin promo to promote the premiere of Season 3 episodes on the channel from the week of September 13-19, 2004 (This was only time Moose was seen in person on Dora the Explorer).

Moose would later appear with Zee in the Dora the Explorer books that had learning with Him and Zee on the front cover and the first page had a picture of him and Zee with a letter for the Reader saying that he and Zee are glad that the reader got this book, and right after the story ends, the last page of the book would have an activity that kids can do, this would last from 2009-2012.

Phrases (in the 2004 promo)[]

  • "Oh Ay, Zee, ¿Dónde está Dora?"
  • "I want to tell her how happy I am that Noggin has a whole week of new Dora Star Catching adventures!"
  • "Zee, Zee?! ¿Dónde está-"
  • "That tickles."


  • Moose and Zee's Birthday is on April 7th according to the day they started hosting Noggin (April 7, 2003), which they are currently 21 years old.