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Mommy Humpback Whale
Name Mommy Humpback Whale
Species Humpback whale
Gender Female
Occupation Baby humpback whales' mother
Interests Swimming, her son
Dislikes Her son being in danger, her son getting lost, orcas
First Appearance Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale
Last Appearance Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale
Friends Diego, Alicia
Relatives Baby Humpback whale (son), The Humpback Whale Family (her pod members)
Enemies Orcas
Voiced By Angela Bennett

Mommy Humpback Whale is the mother of Baby Humpback. she appeared in one episode of Go, Diego, Go!, that being Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale.

Episode appearances[]

Physical appearance[]

She looks like most humpback whales on the show, navy blue blubber with a blowhole at her head and a tail at the end of her body with a lighter blue-gray underbelly and white flippers just with eyelashes to signify her gender is female.


  • It's unknown where she disappeared to after her debut. She could have possibly appeared in Diego the Hero since Baby Humpback was seen swimming with two larger humpback whales, one being male and the other being female, but it's never confirmed.