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Mommy Bobo
Name Mommy Bobo
Species Spider monkey
Gender Female
Occupation Learning from mistakes
Interests Bananas
Dislikes Pumas, her sons causing mischief
First Appearance The Bobo's Mother's Day
Last Appearance To Babysit a Bobo
Friends Diego, Alicia, Daisy, Baby Jaguar
Relatives Daddy Bobo (husband)
Bobo Brothers (sons)
Bobo Brothers' sisters (daughters)
Enemies Puma (traditionally)
Voiced By Vanessa Lemonides (Season 3)

Gabriella Aisenberg (Season 5)

Mommy Bobo (theoretical name: Catherine Bobo) is a spider monkey who appeared in Go, Diego, Go! as the equivalent of Grandma Fox. Her first appearance was in the episode "The Bobo's Mother's Day".


  • The reason why she dislikes the Bobo Brothers causing troubles is because she believes it's not a good idea. Because in real life, they'll get in serious trouble for doing something they shouldn't do.