aka Jenny

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  • I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Spending time on wiki pages
  • I am Female
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  • Nobody should be cyberbullied. You tried to stand up with me. You should be considered an up stander.

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    RRabbit42 closed this thread because:
    issue is being resolved
    03:34, July 8, 2017
    • Yes, I should. That Bluescluesrockbyebear guy must be considered a cyberbully, since he kept posting vulgar messages on people's walls. He also vandalized and spammed for no good reason other than to just cause trouble, and he was an absolute potty mouth (his favorite thing to do was drop F-bombs, I kid you not). The Wikia community got sick of his act, so they blocked him all across the network. 

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  • I've made you a discussion moderator because you've did great on improving Dora wiki. Another reason of the promotion is so that you can take out any violating threads you see here. Sometime when a bureaucrat comes after your request of becoming an admin, you'll be part of our team. Keep up the good work. :)

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  • That guy is a troll who's been harassing me on my wall on the SpongeBob wiki. He even tried to bother me on the Arthur wiki.

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