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Mapa (when introducing herself, referred to as Map by other characters and production; backwards in Spanish dubs) is a character in the 2024 Dora reboot and The Map's daughter.

Description and Personality[]

Mapa has many things in common with the Map. She's a friendly and energetic rolled up map that helps Dora on her adventures by showing her where she needs to go, or find what she needs to find. She is able to give a "Map Alert", a foresight of an obstacle in Dora's way that would require alternative routing by Mapa, a primary example being in Tres Leches Trouble. "Map Alerts" are visually indicated by a red light flashing from her head. However, in contrast to Map's segments in the past shows, Mapa doesn't repeat/recap locations on the map, or close with a zoom wipe. Her segments are faster paced and cut to the point.


Mapa, like Map, is a rolled up pale yellow map with a light blue underside with her eyebrows being the same color. In inside of her mouth is a burgundy color, and her ovular white eyes have light brown irises with black pupils. However, unlike her father Map and more akin to his twin sister, Mapa has visible eyelashes. In her segments, she has a cel-shaded appearance.



In the episodes that were released prior to the April 2024 Paramount+ release of Season 1, Mapa, unlike most of the Object Helpers' segments in the past shows (and even Backpack's in the 2024 show), did not open with a song. In some episodes, she now opens her segments with her I'm the Map equivalent titled "Dónde Está."


  • This version of the Map was created for a new generation of Dora fans. Though Marc Weiner is still in the show, he only still voices Swiper for the time being.
  • In Spanish dubs, her name and nickname are backwards (Being referred to her real name by other characters, while her nickname is her real name)
  • In all her episodic appearances, Mapa can be seen opening her segments by unrolling herself. This may be a reference to the Map's original character design by Helena Giersz.
  • Mapa and the Fiesta Trio Armadillo are both voiced by the same actor, like their previous incarnations were both voiced by Marc Weiner.
  • Unlike Map, she isn’t referred after "the".