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Map's Picture Map (known simply as "Map's Map", or just "the map", informally; not to be confused with the character himself) is an crucial part his character and, by proxy the series, most notably Dora the Explorer.



The map used in the 1998 pilot.

Map's Picture Map is what Map uses to help guide Dora on her adventures, often through use of simple pictures and graphics of locations on it. It was first mentioned by name during the trip to the Super Duper Fix-It Machine. Typically, it has three locations; the third being the destination, but on longer adventures, it has four locations, or the record; five, in the case of Dora in Troll Land, albeit an adventure at length of normal. In Season 4, Map would place large red checkmarks on locations successfully passed by Dora, Boots, and others.


Generally, the Picture Map is a pale yellow rectangular piece of paper that is shown to have wear and tear as evidenced by the few rips of the edges in Seasons 1-6 and the few episodes of Go, Diego, Go!, and rough edges all around in Seasons 7/8 and Dora and Friends: Into the City! (post-Return to the Rainforest). The Seasons 1-6 iteration not only has a red border around the picture portion, but a slightly folded upper-left corner of the paper showing the light blue reverse side.

The two colors previously mentioned share the same color palette as Map, a yellow front and blue back, however, the Seasons 7/8/ITC version does away with the red border and light blue corner fold, completely flattening the paper. Example episodes that change the colors and/or appearance of the Picture Map include, but not limited to, Lost and Found, What Happens Next?, and Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular.

In the 1998 pilot, the Picture Map's overall design is vastly different than the ones in the 2000s and on. The colors and shapes give it a more bulletin board look than one of paper. Its main color is purple, the complete opposite of Map's current yellow. The border's patterning is of purple trapezoids and darker purple triangles. In each of the four corners, there's a dark purple square with a single yellow dot embedded.


In most episodes where Map is present, the Picture Map usually comes included. See Map's Appearances section on his page.


  • The episode Little Map reveals how images on the map are drawn. It also seems to confirm the picture map is a part of the body of a map.
  • In the episode The Fix-It Machine, Map's Map inexplicably has a hole in it. The Super Duper Fix-It Machine suggests the base color of the map is white instead of blue, which may be an error.
  • After the location explanation during Map's segment in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure, the picture map, for the first time, flips to the light blue reverse side for a brief moment. In this instance, it reveals a moving picture of Dora's family and friends back home awaiting her and Boots' return.
    • In this moment, Map is not seen again until the picture flips back to normal pale yellow side.


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