Malambruno is an evil wizard who is a book snatcher. He also locked up Don Quixote who tried to stop him from stealing the books carried by Rocinante. his wand has 2 rubies, 1 on top 1 on the bottom. Golden bar spells are bringing the windmills to life the lock on the nobel forest gate stealing books making the books disappear then by I love to read it turns to a book he never learned to read he rides a flying horse he sings to make the spells work he hates books he a wizard he had lost his wand and without it he could not stop people from reading books he needs all of the books in the kingdom but when dora made a book, it stops the magic spell he tried to use his wand to take the books but don quixote use his shield to protect the books from the beam then he tried to stop rocinante dapple dora and boots at the windmills the nobel forest and story castle by magic spells he needs all of the books in the kingdom to make the nobel forest disappear and the library in story castle.

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