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Magic Storybook front cover

The Magic Storybook is a book with many different stories. Whenever a character from the book is in trouble, Dora and Boots jump into to help him/her. It appeared in the three episodes in its namesake trilogy.

A major artifact of the storybook is the Wishing Crystal, which used to belong to the Wishing Wizzle until La Bruja stole it and threw it away, before it ended up in the Snowy Forest and was under the possession of Sabrina the Snow Princess before giving it to Dora, who returned it to the Wishing Wizzle.


The book is mostly red. There are pictures of purple flowers, Sabrina the Snow Princess, El Mago, a knight, a dragon, and a castle on the front cover.

Stories (visited)[]



  • The visitors cannot exit the book through Wizzle World; to leave from there, the Wishing Wizzle has to wish them home.