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Magic Hair Fairytale Dora is a Dora the Explorer toy originally released in 2004 by Fisher-Price, to commemorate the release of Dora's Fairytale Adventure.

Dora is dressed in her "true princess" gown, shoes, and hat, and has long, rooted hair flowing out of the top. By touching the included butterfly wand to the large jewel on her hat, this causes her hair to grow or shorten out of the top. While her hair lengthens and shortens, the large jewel flashes and Dora says phrases and sings a fairytale song. In the event the wand is misplaced, the hair growing/shortening can still be activated manually by pressing the large jewel. The small jewel can be pressed to cause Dora to talk and sing without the hair lengthening or shortening. The included hairbrush and barrettes can be used to style her hair.



  • Will you make my hair Más largo?
  • Wave the magic wand!
  • You have pretty hair too!
  • Will you make my hair Más corto?
  • How pretty!
  • I'm a princess!