Dora and Boots stand by a bush
Dora and Boots stand by a bush

vDora: Hi, I'm Dora.
Dora: Boots and I are playing hide and seek. You wanna play?
Dora: Great! Let's go look for Boots.
Dora: Now where could that monkey be hiding.
Dora: You see him?
Dora: Where?
Dora: Behind the tree?
Dora: I don't see him.
Dora: Where is he?
Dora: Up there?
Dora: Boots.
Boots: Dora.
Dora: Thanks fot helping me find Boots.
Boots: Let's play again, let's play again.
Dora: Ok but this time,
Bird: Peep, peep, peep. Peep, peep, peep!
Boots: i don't know Dora: Come on, let's follow the sound find out Bird: peep, peep

Dora: Where do you think this sound is coming from?

Dora and Boots stand by a bush

Bird: peep, peep Dora: From there Dora: Ah! Look it's a little blue bird Bird: peep, peep

Boots approach to touch the little blue bird

Dora: Careful Boots! You’ve got to be gentle Bird: peep, peep Boots: She is wet Dora: Must have fallen into a puddle

Dora approaches and touches the little blue bird

Bird: achoo, achoo! Dora: The poor thing! She is cold Dora: maybe i have something my backpack to dry the little blue bird Dora: It's in my backpack. I need your help. Will you open my backpack so I can read Boots the big red book? You have to say "backpack!" Boots: Say backpack, say backpack! Dora:Louder! (jazzy music) Backpack: Backpack, Backpack! (2x) I'm the backpack loaded up with things and nick-knacks too. Anything that you might need I got inside for you. Backpack, Backpack! (2x) Yeah! Dora needs something to dry the little blue bird. Are you seeing anything to dry the little blue bird. can we use this (3x). you hit the to towel, the towel can dry the well thouht out little blue bird.Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Delisioco. Cut to the towel flying out of Dora's backpack and into dora' hands that rolls the little blue bird.

Bird: mami, mami Dora: Poor thing she wants her mom, I bet she fell out of the nest Boots: Oooh! Dora: Now she's lost Bird: mami, mami Boots: We can help there find mom, we can!, we can! Dora: Of course we can Boots: Don't worry little blue birds we'll help find your mom Dora: where do you live? Bird: qué? Dora: aah! the little blue bird speak Spanish Dora: Dónde vives? Bird: árbol Dora: árbol 'Dora:' árbol, she must live in a tree Boots: a tree! , a tree!

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