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Lost Squeaky
Airdate Wednesday, February 13, 2002 (Nickelodeon)
Home media: Tuesday, June 3, 2003 (VHS and DVD)
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 (Nick Jr.)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 11:00am
Season 2
Episode 1 (airing)
5 (production)
Written by Chris Gifford
Storyboard by:
Alex Que
Mike Sosnowski
Directed by George Chialtas
Previous Dora Saves the Prince (airing order)
The Missing Piece (production order)
Next The Missing Piece (airing order)
Rojo the Fire Truck (production order)

Lost Squeaky is the 1st episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 2 in airing order.

In production order, it is the 5th episode of Season 2.



Squeaky, squeaky! Boots loves to squeeze his "adorably" squeezable new bath toy, Squeaky. But when Boots squeezes too hard and loses Squeaky in a stream, preschoolers need to help Dora and Boots head all the way to the Gooey Geyser to get him back!


The episode starts with Dora standing on a path when she saw many bubbles. She catches one and it dances on her hand. Dora saw her reflection through the bubble. Then, her bubble pops and blows at her hand. Dora was amazed that there were lots of bubbles and wondered where they were coming from. Dora found out that Boots was making the bubbles. Boots showed Dora his new squeaky toy and gives it squeeze. Boots named him Squeaky. Dora had an idea; she said that Boots will sing and that she and the viewer can squeak along with Squeaky. After the song, Boots said that he can make Squeaky squeak really loud. But then, Squeaky slips out of Boots' hand and started bouncing down (he squeezed Squeaky too hard). Dora & Boots went down some cliff steps to try and get back Squeaky. Dora & Boots looked all around and then they noticed that Squeaky is in the stream. They chased after Squeaky in the stream but then it goes into an underground cave. Dora & Boots stopped and asked to the viewer if that Squeaky went down the underground cave and unfortunately, he did. Boots felt sad and thinks that he'll never get Squeaky back. But, Dora and the viewer pitched in to help Boots get Squeaky back. Boots felt a lot better now that he had some help.

Now, they just had to find out where Squeaky was going. Boots said hello to Map. They asked him if he knows where Squeaky is going. Sure enough, he tells the viewer that Squeaky was heading towards a gooey geyser. Map explains that a geyser is a hole in the ground that shoots out water and steam, but a gooey geyser shoots out goo and goes "ker-sploosh!". Map said to the viewer that he/she had to help Dora and Boots save Squeaky from the Gooey Geyser by going across bubble bridge and over muddy mountain. Dora & Boots were ready to save Squeaky from the gooey geyser. First, they had to go across Bubble Bridge. Boots noticed that there were 3 bridges and couldn't tell which one was Bubble Bridge. The viewer finds Bubble Bridge from the 3rd bridge on the right. The left and middle bridges didn't have bubbles. Dora & Boots looked for bubbles and they followed the bubbles to Bubble Bridge. The path was blocked with bubbles. Dora saw a bubble and popped it using her fingers. Boots uses his finger, tail and boot to pop some bubbles. He thought it was fun. More bubbles came. Dora & Boots lifted their fingers up and started popping bubbles. As they popped bubbles they sang a tune that is the same as Boots' song about Squeaky, except it was called Popping Bubbles. They pop up high, down low, very slow, and very fast. At the end of the song, Dora & Boots popped a giant bubble together and then they made it across Bubble Bridge. The Fiesta Trio play a fanfare inside a bubble.

Dora & Boots had to then go over the muddy mountain. Boots wonders how they can get over Muddy Mountain without getting all muddy. Tico drives by in his yellow car. Dora and Boots chased after Tico's car. They had to tell Tico to stop. They said "Para" which is Spanish for "Stop". Tico stops his car by the muddy mountain. Dora asked Tico in Spanish if they can have a ride in his car over the muddy mountain. Tico goes "Si, con mucho gusto" which is Spanish for "I would be very happy". Dora & Boots climb in to Tico's car. After that, Tico tells them, "Cinturones de seguridad" which is Spanish for "Seatbelts for security". Dora & Boots put on their seatbelts. Then Tico warns Dora & Boots that there are muddy mud drips. If they saw mud drips, they have to get Tico to stop before they get muddy. Dora & Boots will tell Tico to stop by saying "Para". Tico drives his car up the muddy mountain slowly. Tico had to stop his car 4 times. And then Tico drives his car slowly down the mountain and comes to a complete stop. Dora & Boots jump off and thanks Tico for the ride. Then, Tico drives swiftly away.

So far, Dora & Boots made it across Bubble Bridge and over Muddy Mountain. They were getting close to where Squeaky is. They just had to go to the gooey geyser. Once Dora and Boots got there, it started gushing a little. Patches of goo were all over the grass. As the gooey geyser stopped gushing. Isa walks up to Dora & Boots. She warned them to watch out for the goo. Boots explained that he has to save his new toy named Squeaky. Suddenly, the gooey geyser spurts out some goo and Dora & Boots took cover by getting under Isa's umbrella. Isa said to them, "My umbrella isn't big enough for all of us, do you have any umbrellas in your backpack?" Boots asked Dora how many umbrellas they needed. Dora & Boots thought about it and noticed that Isa had an umbrella so Dora needed one umbrella and Boots needed one umbrella for a total of 2. Just then, Tico and Benny came along and Dora asked what they were doing here. Benny explained that he and Tico are there to help Dora & Boots save Squeaky. Boots taps Dora's shoulder twice and told her that Tico and Benny need umbrellas too. So, they needed an umbrella for Tico, an umbrella for Benny, an umbrella for Dora, and an umbrella for Boots. All together, they needed 4 umbrellas. Luckily, Backpack has that many. Once Dora, Boots, Benny, and Tico got an umbrella, the gooey geyser started spurting a lot of goo and they didn't get slimed. Boots saw Squeaky bouncing on the gushing goo of the gooey geyser and then disappears inside it. It was time to search for Squeaky. He was colored orange. The viewer finds something yellow, and then finds Squeaky and he comes up and bounces out of the gooey geyser. They all put their umbrellas down. Squeaky bounces on the grass in a multiple number of times. Squeaky was bouncing towards the viewer. The viewer had to get ready to catch Squeaky. And then, the viewer catches Squeaky, squeezes him and throws it back to Boots. They all cheered. But then, Swiper was nearby. They all stopped Swiper by saying Swiper no swiping 3 times and Swiper snapped his finger and says "Oh man!" furiously not just once, but five times. Then he runs away. Boots was so happy to get Squeaky back. 


Places in this episode[]

  1. Bubble Bridge
  2. Muddy Mountain
  3. Gooey Geyser


  • Boots' treehouse
  • The stream that Squeaky landed in
  • The cave that Squeaky went in

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)[]

  • Red umbrella (correct item)
  • Ice cream
  • Blue umbrella (correct item)
  • Yellow umbrella (correct item)
  • Pink Flower
  • Orange umbrella (correct item)
  • Banana

See also[]

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This episode along with The Lost City can be found on the VHS and DVD release, City of Lost Toys.


  • Swiper says "Oh, man!" 5 times instead of just once.
    • This was the second episode Swiper was furious after failing after Choo-Choo!.
  • It is unknown how Swiper got to the Gooey Geyser.
  • Tico drives his car slowly up Muddy Mountain to avoid mud drips.
  • There are a couple firsts in this episode:
    • This is Benny and Isa's 1st appearance for Season 2.
    • In airing order, this is the first episode where Jose Zelaya voices Tico.
    • This is the 27th episode of the show.
    • As of this episode, the animation style has changed.
    • This is the first episode where everyone (Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa, and Tico) stops Swiper all together.
    • This is the first episode the Gooey Geyser is the final destination Dora and Boots go to. They will also travel there in Rescue, Rescue, Rescue! and Catch the Babies.
      • Unlike in its later appearances, the Gooey Geyser in this episode does not make the ground shake at all, whether or not it goes "KER-SPLOOSH!".
    • This is the first episode where Map is seen frowning (albeit, briefly) during his segment. He was worried about Squeaky after he bounced into a stream and went down an underground cave into the Gooey Geyser.
    • This is not only the first episode where Dora and Boots sing the Travel Song twice in Season 2, but also the first episode where they clap their hands after asking "Where are we going?".
      • In production order, this is the third Season 2 episode where Dora and Boots sing the Travel Song twice and the fourth where they clap three times.
  • Usually Map says the last place the fourth time while he zoom wipes, but in this episode, he zoom wipes after saying the last place the fourth time. This is the second episode in which he does that, first being Big River, but this time his mouth is open like usual, but unlike in the former episode, where Map's mouth is closed when he zoom wipes.
  • When Dora and Boots hear Swiper and wanting to swipe Boots' squeaky, Dora asks the viewer if they see him anywhere, but they don't find him, she just tells them to help stop him by saying "Swiper, no swiping!" 3 times.
  • This episode is very similar to Bouncing Ball.
  • When Boots loses squeaky in the stream and it goes down the tunnel, Boots is almost about to cry as he's seen with tears talking to Dora about his squeaky but when she talks to him about looking for it, he cheers up right away and doesn't cry at all, he first cried in the Season 1 episode Berry Hunt where he was upset about not getting any blueberries since Dora ate them all.
  • Although it premiered in 2002, it was made in 2001 according to the credits.
  • Similar to Bouncing Ball, this episode features a fourth wall break the same way. Squeaky bounces towards the screen making the viewer catch it, and then he/she was asked to throw it back to Boots as hard as possible. However, before being asked throw Squeaky, Boots asks the viewer to squeeze Squeaky.
  • Both Benny and Tico's themes play at the same time when they show up at the Gooey Geyser.


  • During most of the episode, Dora has her Season 1 face.
  • The blue umbrella disappears for no reason while the orange, red, pink and yellow umbrellas remained lying on the grass.
  • For reasons never explained, Señor Tucán voiced by Leslie Valdes is listed in the end credits, although Señor Tucán was never seen nor heard in this episode in the first place. It is possible that he appeared in a deleted scene.
  • In the closed captioning, during the scene where Dora and Boots were looking for Squeaky, it says that Boots said "That's not Squeaky!" instead of Benny and it is unknown why.
  • It is unknown how Backpack can carry an ice cream cone. In real life, ice cream cones would melt if one puts them in a backpack (although here it doesn't apply due to cartoon logic).
  • The Gooey Geyser changes its appearance while Dora and Boots are searching for it due to changing from a background element to an animated element. The change happens after the camera cuts from Boots saying he can't see the geyser.

Character Find[]

Swiper the Fox

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