Little Star
Little Star
Name Little Star
Species Star
Gender Female
Occupation Be with the Moon
Interests Be with the Moon
Dislikes Comet
First Appearance Little Star
Last Appearance Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur
Friends Dora, Boots, Moon
Relatives Moon
Enemies Comet
Voiced By  ???

Little Star is a minor character who has first appeared on her namesake episode.


Little Star appeared next to the moon. Dora and Boots get out a telescope to see them up close. Suddenly, a comet streaks through the night sky. It went too fast to stop. The comet spins Little Star around and then starts to fall down from the night sky. Dora and Boots had to find where Little Star fell. Once they found her, Dora and Boots saw that Little Star was crying. So, they sung a song to help Little Star stop crying. They sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". When Little Star heard Dora and Boots singing the song to her, she stopped crying and then swayed from side to side. Little Star thanked Dora and Boots for singing the song to her and felt much better. Dora and Boots were about to make their wishes. Little Star had to be brought back home to the moon so everyone can make their wish. Dora and Boots were determined to get Little Star home to the moon. They check Map and says that the moon is over the tall mountain. They had to get across the troll bridge, go pass Tico's house to get to the tall mountain. After a long journey, Dora, Boots and Little Star get to the tall mountain. There was one problem, how was she going to get back up into the night sky? Boots had an idea, he suggests that he Dora throw Little Star back up. Dora and Boots cupped their hands. Little Star got onto their hands and on the count of 3, Dora and Boots together threw their hands and Little Star got launched back into the night sky. Little Star was home and now everybody, including Dora and Boots, can make their wishes.


  • Little Star also appeared on Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur.
  • Little Star had to be found at the end of some episodes.
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