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The following is a list of all the riddles the Grumpy Old Troll has given in order to grant access over the Troll Bridge.

Season 1[]

  • Backpack!: Here is one of my hardest quizzers. To cut through the net, use a pair of...? (Answer: Scissors)
  • Surprise!: I have a riddle and you can't be wrong. Do you know the Spanish Happy Birthday song? (Answer: Feliz Cumpleaños)
  • Little Star: Star light, star bright. Can you see the stars so bright? Star light, star bright. How many stars are out tonight? (Answer: 11, including Little Star)
  • Bouncing Ball: Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy bounce. Only two of these things will bounce. Can you pick the things that bounce? Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy bounce. (Answer: The pogo stick and kangaroo)
  • Call Me Mr. Riddles: What goes, "Hee-haw, hee-haw," has two tails, and eight legs? (Answer: Senor Burro, Boots, and Dora)

Season 2[]

  • To the Monkey Bars: No one can go over my bridge, unless you can do this. (No riddle; gives Dora and Boots instructions to see if they can do as asked, due to the "yes, we can" theme of the episode)

Season 3[]

  • The Fix-it Machine: Here's my riddle. Tell me, tell me, tell me, please? How many holes are in this cheese? (Answer: 16)
  • Baseball Boots: I love to hit baseballs. Baseball is great. But to get over the bridge, you have to catch eight. (No riddle; Boots had to catch eight baseballs Mr. Troll pitched at him)
  • The Super Silly Fiesta: You can't go over my bridge, unless... you can make me laugh. (No riddle; Dora and Boots had to make Mr. Troll laugh by making silly faces and doing silly dances)
  • Louder!: Solving riddles makes us proud. How many things are very loud? (Answer: 3 (a drum, a fire truck, and a radio))

Season 4[]

  • The Shy Rainbow: To cross my bridge, there's only one way. I hope you know your colors today!
  • We're a Team!: If you know your numbers, the bridge can be fixed. First find vine number 2 and then 4 and then 6.

Season 5[]

  • Isa's Unicorn Flowers:
  • Benny's Treasure: (Answer: 3 (a bell, a horn, and a bunny ear))
  • Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure:
    • This reindeer can be seen wherever he goes. He can light up the sky with his shiny red nose. What's his name? (Answer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
    • He's got a button nose, and coal for each eye. He's a snowman. Can you guess the name of this guy? (Answer: Frosty the Snowman)
    • He's got a white beard and rides on a sleigh. He says, "Ho ho ho!" delivering gifts Christmas Day. Who is it? (Answer: Santa Claus)
  • Boots' Banana Wish: (Answer: Bananas)

Season 6[]

  • Dora's Hair-Raising Adventure: My pretty poodles love to travel in pairs. Can YOU match the poodles by the SAME hair? (Dora and Boots had to match the poodles)
  • Halloween Parade:
    • Who wants to juggle, and is the funniest guy in town, with a red nose and big feet? He's a circus…? (Answer: A clown)
    • Who wears a crown and one sparkling dress, and lives in a castle? She's a…? (Answer: Princess)

Season 7[]

  • Baby Bongo's Big Music Show: And you can't go over my bridge, unless you clap the salsa beat! (No riddle; everyone had to clap the salsa beat as fast as they can)
  • Perrito's Big Surprise: I've got a riddle for you, and it's a toughie. You need to see if I have more pets that are spiky or fluffy.
  • Dora & Diego's Amazing Animal Circus Adventure: And you can't go over my bridge, unless you're lighter in weight than a big daddy elephant! (Riddle: "Who feels lighter than a big daddy elephant?")

Season 8[]


(Note: Most of these riddles have multiple answer choices, with the bolded answer choice is the correct one.)

  • Wizzle Wozzle Woo: For this riddle to be done, tell me where this noise comes from. Is it a meatball or a guitar?
  • The Mystery Gift:
    • You can open this box. Don't be alarmed, do farm animals live in a spaceship or a barn?
    • This is a musical box, as you know. To open it, you must go where the prettiest flowers go. Is it a bathtub or a garden?
    • This next box can be opened with ease. Just go to where nuts grow on trees. Is it a forest or a bowl of spaghetti?
    • Here is a real headscratcher: You cross it to get to the other side. It can be tall or short, thin or wide. Is it a doghouse or a bridge?
    • For your curiosity to vanish, say what you need three times in Spanish.