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This is a list of the items Swiper tried to swipe, and whether he was stopped (failed to swipe the item), successfully swiped the item, or almost successfully swiped the item (handed it back).

Note that Swiper will fail to swipe the object if Dora asks the viewer to help stop him, usually saying "We have to say, 'Swiper, no swiping!'." If not, Dora will be "too late" to stop Swiper, and Swiper will successfully swipe the object and throw it to a location where he hopes Dora won't find it.

Five items that Swiper successfully swiped were swiped near the beginning, and Dora and Boots have to go on an entire adventure just to retrieve the object at the destination.

Note: All episodes are listed in production order.

Season 1 (Excluding Te Amo)[]

  1. The Legend of the Big Red Chicken: Dora and Boots' bananas (failed to swipe); the gate key (successfully swiped)
  2. Lost and Found: Dora, Boots, and Baby Blue Bird's bananas (failed to swipe); Baby Blue Bird's flower for her mommy (failed to swipe)
  3. Hic-Boom-Ohhh!: The horn (failed to swipe); Unknown (if he woke up)
  4. Beaches: Tico's popsicle (referred to as his "icy"; failed to swipe); Boots' floatie (successfully swiped)
  5. We All Scream for Ice Cream: The chocolate boat (successfully swiped in the episode, failed to swipe in the activity book)
  6. Choo-Choo!: The train tracks (successfully swiped); Azul's whistle (failed to swipe)
  7. Treasure Island: The blue key (failed to swipe the first time, successfully swiped the second time)
  8. Three Little Piggies: The pigs' blue ribbons (failed to swipe twice)
  9. Big River: Dora and Boots' boat (failed to swipe); Boots' boot (failed to swipe)
  10. Berry Hunt: Dora and Boots' blueberries (failed to swipe)
  11. Wizzle Wishes: The last wish (failed to swipe)
  12. Grandma's House: The basket of treats (failed to swipe all three times)
  13. Surprise!: Boots' birthday cake (successfully swiped in the episode, failed to swipe in the activity book)
  14. Sticky Tape: The sticky tape (failed to swipe the first time, successfully swiped the second time)
  15. Bouncing Ball: Unknown (failed to swipe anyway); Boots' bouncy ball (successfully swiped)
  16. Bugga Bugga: Mami Bugga Bugga's cookie (successfully swiped)
  17. Fish Out of Water: The pail for Baby Red Fish (failed to swipe)
  18. Little Star: Little Star (successfully swiped in the episode, failed to swipe in the book)
  19. Backpack!: Backpack (in episode and PC game; successfully swiped), Dora and Boots' lifejackets (in book only; failed to swipe)
  20. Dora Saves the Prince: Prince Ramon's magic ball (failed to swipe)
  21. El Coquí: Coquí's guitar (referred to as his "guitarra"; failed to swipe)
  22. The Chocolate Tree: Dora and Boots' chocolate beans (failed to swipe)
  23. To The Treehouse: Tico's balloons (successfully swiped)
  24. Pablo's Flute: Pablo's flute (failed to swipe); Unknown, but possibly the flute again (failed to swipe anyway)
  25. Call Me Mr. Riddles: Dora and Boots' umbrella (failed to swipe and now gets wet by a redeemed rain cloud)

Season 2 (Excluding A Letter for Swiper and Whose Birthday is It?)[]

  1. The Big Storm: The roof to Benny's house (successfully swiped)
  2. ¡Rápido, Tico!: Tico's steering wheel (successfully swiped), the train tracks (successfully swiped), Boots' fire truck (failed to swipe)
  3. The Magic Stick: The magic stick (successfully swiped)
  4. The Missing Piece: Boots' boot, Dora's sock, and Backpack (all successfully swiped)
  5. Lost Squeaky: Squeaky (failed to swipe)
  6. Rojo the Fire Truck: The air pump (failed to swipe)
  7. Lost Map: Unknown, but possibly the replacement Map (failed to swipe anyway)
  8. El Día De Las Madres: Benny's cowbell (successfully swiped); Isa's flower bouquet (failed to swipe)
  9. The Golden Explorers: The soccer ball (successfully swiped)
  10. A Present For Santa: Santa's present (almost successfully swiped, but eventually given back to Dora and Boots after they told him it was for Santa.)
  11. Doctor Dora: The box of tissues, along with the lollipop and sticker (failed to swipe)
  12. Pinto, the Pony Express: The cowboy cookies (failed to swipe all three times, but later ate the cactus shaped one after Benny gave it to him)
  13. León, the Circus Lion: León's circus toys (successfully swiped)
  14. The Big Piñata: Dora and Boots' popcorn snack (episode; failed to swipe), Dora and Boots' tickets (book only; failed to swipe)
  15. The Happy Old Troll: Dora's happy box (failed to swipe); the air pump (failed to swipe)
  16. Super Map!: Super Map's cape (failed to swipe)
  17. To the Monkey Bars: Tico's camera (successfully swiped)
  18. Dora, La Música: The instruments in Dora's parade (successfully swiped)
  19. Hide and Go Seek: Dora's flashlight (failed to swipe)
  20. Click!: Dora's camera (failed to swipe after taking the picture of him for the photo contest)
  21. Egg Hunt: The basket of eggs (failed to swipe); the Big Yellow Egg (failed to swipe)
  22. Super Spies: Unknown, but possibly the spy gadgets (failed to swipe by closing the Hidden Door on him); Isa's cupcakes (failed to swipe)
  23. School Pet: The bridge boards on the other side (successfully swiped); Mimo's carrot (failed to swipe)
  24. Quack! Quack!: Dora, Boots, and Baby Duck's popsicles (failed to swipe)

Season 3 (Excluding The Lost City and Save the Puppies!)[]

  1. Dora Had a Little Lamb: The pickled peppers (failed to swipe)
  2. Stuck Truck: 10-Wheeler's ten big wheels (successfully swiped); Tow Truck's hook (failed to swipe)
  3. Louder!: Dora, Boots, and Red Rooster's lifejackets (failed to swipe)
  4. Roberto the Robot: Roberto's tools (successfully swiped)
  5. The Big Potato: Benny the Potato (successfully swiped)
  6. Journey to the Purple Planet: The rocket battery (failed to swipe in the episode, successfully swiped in the flash game)
  7. Meet Diego!: Diego's field journal (failed to swipe)
  8. ¡Por Favor!: Unknown (failed to swipe by closing the gate on Sir Swiper); Kinkajou's crown (failed to swipe as Sir Swiper)
  9. Baby Dino: Baby Dino's flower for his mommy (failed to swipe)
  10. Boots' Special Day: Unknown, but possibly the yo-yos, Boots' banana crown, or both (failed to swipe anyway)
  11. To the South Pole: The boat keys (successfully swiped)
  12. Dora Saves the Game: The soccer ball (failed to swipe)
  13. Boo!: Dora, Boots, and Little Monster's Halloween candy (failed to swipe, but later given some by Dora after saying "Trick or Treat!")
  14. What Happens Next?: Little Red Riding Hood's basket of treats (failed to swipe)
  15. Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!: Unknown (failed to swipe by Tico's rocket car zooming past him); the air pump (failed to swipe)
  16. Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur: Benny's nine guys (successfully swiped)
  17. The Super Silly Fiesta: Benny's seven juggling balls (successfully swiped)
  18. The Fix-it Machine: Boots' boot (successfully swiped)
  19. Baseball Boots: Boots' baseball bat (failed to swipe)
  20. Best Friends: Key (successfully swiped in the episode, failed to swipe in the book); Dora and Boots' rope (failed to swipe twice)
  21. ABC Animals: The stairs to the Slippery Slide (successfully swiped)
  22. Job Day: The lost jewel (failed to swipe)
  23. Dora's Pirate Adventure: The treasure chest from the Pirate Piggies (thought by Boots), but nothing actually (stopped anyway just in case, but didn't swipe, eventually making him depressed.)

Season 4 (Excluding Big Sister Dora, Catch the Babies, Dora and Diego to the Rescue!, Dora's Fairytale Adventure, and Dora's Dance to the Rescue)[]

  1. Star Catcher: Dora's star pocket with Woo-Hoo still inside (successfully swiped)
  2. Dora's First Trip: Boots' boots (failed to swipe); Unknown (failed to swipe during the We Did It! song)
  3. Star Mountain: Dora's necklace (successfully swiped); the long rope (failed to swipe)
  4. Super Spies 2: The Swiping Machine: Toys made out of cardboard (successfully swiped, for testing the swiping machine); Tico's birthday presents (failed to swipe)
  5. La Maestra de Música: La Maestra's guitar (referred to as her "guitarra"; failed to swipe)
  6. Daisy, La Quinceañera: Daisy's crown and shoes (referred to as "Daisy's present"; successfully swiped the first time, failed to swipe the second time)
  7. Save Diego!: Dora and Boots' boat (failed to swipe)
  8. Baby Jaguar's Roar: Baby Bear's ball (failed to swipe)
  9. A Crown for King Juan el Bobo: King Juan el Bobo's crown (failed to swipe, then King Juan gives Swiper a joke called "Swoopy, no doopy" and he laughs)
  10. Dora's Got a Puppy: Skunk (almost successfully swiped by accident, returned because of bad smell), bananas (successfully swiped, for testing the robot butterfly, but the butterfly accidentally swiped his mask and his gloves for pressing the button on his remote control repeatedly as a malfunction), Perrito's present (failed to swipe the first four times, almost successfully the fifth time, but eventually given back after Boots explained to him why he shouldn't throw it. Swiper then revealed that he has a love for puppies.)
  11. Boots to the Rescue: Dora's song (failed to swipe)
  12. Super Babies: The bananas and the Super Babies' banana baby food (successfully swiped the first time, failed to swipe the second time)
  13. We're a Team!: Boots' bouncy ball (successfully swiped in the flashback); the green balls (failed to swipe, now becomes impressed that Tico is a brave squirrel to stop him alone)
  14. The Mixed-Up Seasons: The wheelbarrow (failed to swipe)
  15. The Shy Rainbow: Dora, Boots, and Arco Iris' boat (failed to swipe)
  16. Baby Crab: Baby Crab's necklace (successfully swiped)
  17. Swiper the Explorer: Boots' ball (failed to swipe, but then helped Dora and Boots get Baby Fox back to his mommy and his daddy), the coconuts from a palm tree (successfully swiped because they were blocking the view of the volcano), the bouncy balls from the volcano (successfully swiped to retrieve Baby Fox's bottle)
  18. Dora's World Adventure!: The friendship bracelets (almost successfully swiped for Swiper; failed to swipe for Fifi, Sami, Fomkah, and Ying Ying, because Swiper is now on his good side to stop them)
  19. Dora Saves the Mermaids: Mariana's crown (almost successfully swiped, but eventually given back after explaining why he should); the garbage from the whale (successfully swiped, but told to for the first time ever)

Season 5 (Excluding Benny's Big Race, The Mayan Adventure, The Super Babies Dream Adventure, Pirate Treasure Hunt, Boots' Banana Wish, and Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom)[]

  1. Dora's Jack-in-the-Box: Jack (failed to swipe)
  2. Bark, Bark to Play Park: Perrito's Twin's toy (didn't swipe anyway, because of him owning the puppy)
  3. Dora Saves Three Kings Day: the Three Kings Cake (failed to swipe)
  4. Isa's Unicorn Flowers: Isa's unicorn flower bouquet (successfully swiped)
  5. First Day of School: Boots and Tico's lunches (successfully swiped)
  6. The Backpack Parade: Dora and Boots' backpacks (failed to swipe, given a cowboy backpack, and then joined the backpack parade)
  7. Bouncy Boots: The bouncy boots (failed to swipe)
  8. Dora Saves the Three Little Pigs: The bricks and the items from Fairytale Land (successfully swiped, but eventually given back to all the Fairytale characters and the Three Little Pigs)
  9. The Big Red Chicken's Magic Show: The bunny's bowtie (failed to swipe)
  10. Benny's Treasure: Benny's wagon (failed to swipe)
  11. Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle: Birthday Wizzle's wishing wand (successfully swiped)
  12. Dora Saves the Snow Princess: Snow Fairy (failed to swipe)
  13. Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure: the Christmas Tree Star (almost successfully swiped); various toys from animals (almost successfully swiped); Baby Boots, Benny, Isa, and Tico's toys (successfully swiped for Baby Swiper); Toddler Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa, and Tico's toys (successfully swiped for Toddler Swiper); Swiper's time travel cape (successfully swiped for Baby Swiper and Older Swiper)
  14. Dora's Big Birthday Adventure: Isa's unicorn flower bouquet (successfully swiped in the flashback); Dora and Boots' ball (failed to swipe in the flashback)

Season 6 (Excluding Happy Birthday, Super Babies!, Dora's Hair-Raising Adventure, Dora in Troll Land, Boots' First Bike, Pepe the Pig's School Adventure, The Tale of the Unicorn King, The Secret of Atlantis, Dora Saves King Unicornio, and Dora & Diego Save Atlantis)[]

  1. Dora's Pegaso Adventure: Bear's honey pot (successfully swiped)
  2. Baby Winky Comes Home: Tico's blanket (almost successfully swiped, but failed by Baby Winky's Belly Telekinesis)
  3. The Grumpy Old Troll Gets Married: Petunia's purple flower bouquet (failed to swipe, invited to Mr. Troll's wedding)
  4. Halloween Parade: Dora and Boots' Halloween costumes (failed to swipe)
  5. ¡Vacaciones!: the Dora Snacks (successfully swiped)
  6. The Big Red Chicken's Magic Wand: Big Red Chicken's magic wand (failed to swipe)
  7. Dora's Ballet Adventure: The gate keys (failed to swipe)
  8. Dora's Royal Rescue: Rocinante's books (failed to swipe, then later given one about puppies by Rocinante)
  9. Dora's Knighthood Adventure: The gate key (failed to swipe)
  10. Swiper's Favorite Things: Swiper's pajamas, his puppy book, and his Funny Bunny (successfully swiped, but packed for a sleepover at his grandma's house); Benny's shoe (almost successfully swiped); Señor Tucán's toy truck (almost successfully swiped); Isa's pail (almost successfully swiped); Tico's horn (almost successfully swiped)

Season 7 (Excluding Feliz Dia De Los Padres, The Butterfly Ball, and Book Explorers)[]

  1. Dora's Easter Adventure: Hip-Hop Bunny's basket of eggs (successfully swiped)
  2. A Ribbon For Pinto: The box of ribbons (failed to swipe the first, second, and fourth times, almost successfully swiped the third time)
  3. Benny the Castaway: The pirate raft (failed to swipe)
  4. Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure: Dora's rainbow ribbon (successfully swiped); Nelly's hula hoop (successfully swiped offscreen); Tico's soccer ball (successfully swiped offscreen); Benny's jump rope (successfully swiped offscreen); Diego's running shoes (successfully swiped offscreen)
  5. Dora's Moonlight Adventure: The sailboat's sail (failed to swipe)
  6. Perrito's Big Surprise: Benny's wheels (successfully swiped offscreen); Perrito's surprise present (failed to swipe)
  7. Dora's Thanksgiving Day Parade: the Banana Cream Pie (failed to swipe, but then joined the dinner)
  8. Check Up Day: Dora's sticker book (failed to swipe)
  9. Little Map: Little Map (failed to swipe)
  10. Baby Bongo's Big Music Show: Baby Bongo (failed to swipe)
  11. School Science Fair: Dora and Emma's science project (failed to swipe the first time, successfully swiped the second time)
  12. Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom: Dora's mermaid necklace (failed to swipe)
  13. ¡Vamos a Pintar!: The paintbrush (successfully swiped)
  14. Dora In Wonderland: Bandersnatch's sneaker (successfully swiped offscreen); everyone's things (failed to swipe as she Knave of Hearts)
  15. Dora Rocks!: Dora's microphone (successfully swiped)
  16. Dora & Diego's Amazing Animal Circus Adventure: Isa's stilts (failed to swipe)

Season 8 (Excluding Kittens in Mittens, Dora's Museum Sleepover Adventure, Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular, and Dora & Diego in the Time of Dinosaurs)[]

  1. Dora's Super Soccer Showdown: The soccer ball (failed to swipe)
  2. Puppies Galore: The puppies' stroller (failed to swipe)
  3. Catch That Shape Train: Circulo (successfully swiped)
  4. Verde's Birthday Party: Verde's vacuum (failed to swipe)
  5. Dora and Perrito to the Rescue!: Scooter (failed to swipe)
  6. Riding the Roller Coaster Rocks: The ziplines (failed to swipe)
  7. Dora's Great Roller Skate Adventure: Boots' roller skates (failed to swipe)
  8. Dora & Sparky's Riding Adventure: Sparky's apples (failed to swipe)
  9. Dora Saves Fairytale Land: Dora's magic tools (failed to swipe twice)
  10. Dora's Rainforest Talent Show: Boots' bananas (successfully swiped)
  11. Dora and the Very Sleepy Bear: Baby Bear's berry snacks (failed to swipe)
  12. Let's Go to Music School: Gus' bus horn (failed to swipe)
  13. Dora's Fairy Godmother Rescue: Boots' toolbox (failed to swipe)
  14. Dora's Animalito Adventure: The big flower (failed to swipe)
  15. Dora's Night Light Adventure: Night Light (successfully swiped)

Dora and Friends[]

  1. Return to the Rainforest: Backpack and Map (almost successfully swiped)
  2. Dora's Rainforest Reunion: Strawberries (failed to swipe at first, but then swiped to keep it from the turtles); Isa's cookies (almost successfully swiped, but then gets rescued by Dora and Boots to save him from the crocodiles and later ate a cookie after Isa offer him one); Isa's magic wand (failed to swipe)

Dora and the Lost City of Gold[]

  1. Backpack and Map (successfully swiped)
  2. The smaller idol from Parapata (successfully swiped, but later stopped by Boots)
  3. Cole and Elena's Inca statue (almost successfully swiped, but later caught by Cole and Elena and failed)

Dora and the Fantastical Creatures[]

  1. Glowy (successfully swiped, but then stopped by Dora, Boots, and the viewers)

Dora: Say Hola to Adventure[]

  1. Tres Leches Trouble: Benny's cake for his abuela (almost successfully swiped, but put it in a safe place so it doesn't get ruined)
  2. The Magic Nut: The magic nut (successfully swiped)
  3. Big Red Chicken Wake Up!: Boots' floatie (failed to swipe)
  4. The Mystery Gift: The mystery gift (failed to swipe)


  1. Dora's Picnic: The food for the picnic (failed to swipe)
  2. Nickelodeon Ultimate Sticker Collection: Benny's Ice Cream Cone (As Seen In Mini Stickers)
  3. Dora and the Stuck Truck!: Tow Truck's hook (failed to swipe)
  4. Dora Climbs Star Mountain: Dora's necklace (successfully swiped)
  5. Dora Goes to School: The school supplies (failed to swipe)
  6. Dora in the Deep Sea: The treasure chest (failed to swipe)
  7. Dora Loves Boots: The key (failed to swipe)
  8. Dora's Backpack: Dora and Boots' life jackets (failed to swipe)
  9. Dora's Book of Manners: Everyone's ice cream (failed to swipe)
  10. Dora's Chilly Day: Abuela's chocolate seed (failed to swipe)
  11. Dora's Christmas Parade: The instruments in Dora's Christmas parade (successfully swiped)
  12. Dora's Easter Basket: The basket of eggs (failed to swipe); The golden egg (failed to swipe)
  13. Dora's River Race: The paddle (failed to swipe); Unknown (failed to swipe anyway)
  14. Dora's Sleepover: The basket of cookies (failed to swipe)
  15. Dora's Thanksgiving: The Thanksgiving pies (failed to swipe)
  16. Flowers for Mami Unicorn!: Isa's unicorn flower bouquet (successfully swiped)
  17. Going to a Party: Boots' birthday cake (failed to swipe)
  18. Happy Mother's Day, Mami!: Isa's flower bouquet for her mommy (failed to swipe)
  19. Puppy's Big Surprise!: Benny's wheels (successfully swiped); Perrito's surprise gift (failed to swipe)
  20. Say "Cheese!": Dora's camera (failed to swipe)
  21. Show Me Your Smile! A Visit to the Dentist!: The stickers and toothbrushes (failed to swipe, but later getting his own sticker and toothbrush after the dentist cleans his teeth)
  22. The Birthday Dance Party!: Daisy's present (successfully swiped)
  23. Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival: The seven keys (failed to swipe)

Flash Games[]

  1. Spooky Forest, Puzzle Bridge, and Crocodile Lake: Unknown (failed to swipe anyway)
  2. Find Floatie: Boots' floatie (successfully swiped)
  3. Swiper's Spelling Book Game: The letters that spell the word for the pictures (successfully swiped)
  4. Dora's 3D Backpack Adventure: Dora's books (successfully swiped; can be stopped if Dora is moved in front of him)
  5. Dora's 3D Driving Adventure: Val the Octopus's lost packages (successfully swiped before the three sub-areas)
  6. La Casa de Dora: Tico's tires, the life jackets (failed to swipe, if Swiper was chosen for the story)
  7. Dora's Ride-Along City Adventure: The tires for Dora's car (successfully swiped, but then brought back for Dora).
  8. Dora's Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt: The treasure in the treasure chest (successfully swiped)
  9. Dora's Space Adventure: The rocket battery (successfully swiped)
  10. Dora's Rapido River Rafting Race: Tico's birthday presents (failed to swipe)
  11. Dora Saves Map: The Bugga Bugga Babies' birthday presents (successfully swiped offscreen)

Video Games[]

  1. Nick DVD Bingo: The Letter B
  2. Journey To The Purple Planet: Space Gems (failed to swipe if the player presses the action button to say "Swiper, no swiping!" three times, swiped if not)
  3. Super Star Adventures: Abuela's frying pan, Benny's bandana, Tico's vest, Boots' boots, Isa's watering can, and Diego's spotting scope (in Glowy's adventure, successfully swiped offscreen), Roberto's light, hands, and feet (in Tool Star's adventure, successfully swiped offscreen), the xylophone keys (in Disco Star's adventure, successfully swiped offscreen), some of the triangles, squares, and circles in Azul's train tracks (in Switchy's adventure, successfully swiped offscreen)
  4. Play Park Adventure Race: The pieces in puzzle bridge (successfully swiped); Unknown (failed to swipe anyway)
  5. Boots’ Special Day (Vtech): The Bananas for Boots’ Daddy (failed to swipe)
  6. Dora's Got a Puppy (Vtech): Perrito's present (failed to swipe all three times)

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