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Explorer Stars were the characters in 3-4 seasons.

Major Explorer Stars[]

  • Woo-Hoo Star: A baby blue star who likes playing hide and seek.
  • Glowy Star: A gold star with lights on the ends of her arms. Can be used to see in dark places.
  • Saltador Star: A purple star with springy limbs; is good at jumping. Can be used to help Dora and Boots "super jump" over something too high a normal jump wouldn't reach.
  • Noisy Star: A dark blue star with mouths of horns on her arms. She's the loudest star who can honk and make lots of noise. She can also be used to warn Dora. Boots and their friends of a specific danger, like when Swiper has arrived.
  • Switchy Star: An orange block-like star who can change his shape.
  • Rocket Star: A grey star resembling a rocket ship. He's the fastest star of them all. Can be used to help Dora and Boots go faster or get something somewhere fast.
  • Tool Star: A grey robotic-like star with retractable limbs. Holds loads of tools, such as a hammer, screwdriver, crowbar, pencil, and fan.
  • Magico Star: A dark blue star with a wizard's hat and black curvy mustache. He can do magic tricks and make things appear and disappear.
  • Sliparooni Star: A light blue star covered with soap and bubbles, and is really slippery. He can be used to clean someone off or to loosen something stuck when things are made of rusty.
  • Gusty Star: A grey star with his bottom ending in a tornado. He can generate strong winds and gusts to blow things away.
  • Disco Star: A star resembling a disco ball with his arms on either end. He likes dancing, and can play music for special occasions.
  • Supra, Ultra, and Mega Star: Three stars resembling wrestlers. They can use their strength to lift things easily.
  • Baseball Star: A star with a baseball-texture and matching hat. He can shapeshift into a baseball when needed.
  • Artista Star: A pink star with each arm ending in a different-colored paintbrush. She can draw pictures in the sky.
  • Helada Star: A light blue ice-coated star, with her edges resembling snowflake arms. She can sculpt things out of ice and snow.
  • Hero Star: A dark blue star with a superhero's cape and noticeable muscles. He's the biggest and strongest explorer star of them all.
  • Comfy Star: A baby pink star. She can calm people down when they're upset or worried.
  • Fairy Star: A pink star covered with jewels, and wears a princess tiara. She uses her magic wand to make fairy dust.
  • Spy Star: A teal star with a spy's hat and glasses. He can be used to eavesdrop on specific events and record the evidence.

Other Explorer Stars[]