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This is a list of Diego's outfits. Anyone may edit if there's any outfits not listed.

Dora the Explorer Season 3[]


Dora the Explorer - Meet Diego DVDRip Occor

Diego's debut outfit

Diego's old outfit features a dark blue shirt with a white vest. He wears an orange, single-strapped-backpack that is later known as Rescue Pack on Dora and Diego to the Rescue! and Go, Diego, Go!. He wears green shorts, lime green socks, and tan/brown shoes.

Cold Weather[]

Diego has a dark blue parka that is about the same color as his shirt. The parka has a white, furry hood so he can stay warm from top to bottom. Unlike Dora and Boots who have different color mittens, his mittens are the same color as his parka.  He wears brown boots. There was an error in "To the South Pole" where his Rescue Pack disappears (for reasons never confirmed) for the rest of the episode once he puts his parka on. This is fixed in "Dora and Diego to the Rescue!"


Diego wears a light blue shirt that is a bit darker than the shirt he wears in his casual outfit in later episodes of Dora the Explorer and many episodes of his own show, as well as the Dora and Friends: Into the City! episode "For the Birds." He had white/gray/blue pants, white socks with a blue stripe, brown shoes, and a blue baseball cap.


Diego has a blue shirt and a shiny, yellow hook on his left hand that Dora includes in the Pirate Costumes song. He wears a purplish belt, ripped pants that have white and blue/purple stripes, and black boots, as well as a bandana that's the same color as his belt.

Halloween Costume #1[]

Diego has a dark blue bat costume. He has a bat jacket and a bat mask that covers most of his head down to his mouth with two holes for his eyes.

Dora the Explorer Season 4[]

Rainy Weather[]

Diego has an orange raincoat that has a hood.

Daisy's Quinceañera[]

Diego wears a fancy blue suit for his sister Daisy's quinceañera. He has a blue tuxedo teal shirt and bowtie with a blue jacket, blue pants, and blue shoes


Diego has dark blue pajamas that have baseball things on them. It has a red collar, red sleeve cuffs, and a red pocket. He wears dark blue slippers.

Dora the Explorer Seasons 4-5, Go, Diego, Go! Seasons 1-3, and Dora and Friends: Into the City[]

Diego and alicia flamingo ending

Diego with vest as a coat

Diego (1)

Regular Outfit


For most of his adventures, Diego wears mostly the same outfit from the previous two seasons of Dora the Explorer, except his skin and shirt are shaded lighter, his shorts are dark blue instead of green, and his shoes are gray. This outfit is when it's revealed that Diego can turn his vest into a coat when he is in the mountains a thick coat when it gets very cold, a raincoat when it rains, a lifejacket, or both.

2009-09-29 1930pm Go,Diego,Go!

Diego with his vest as a lifejacket

Three Kings Day[]

He wears a yellow crown with red edging on the top and bottom with 3 vertical stripes in green, purple, and light blue, a red cape and a blue

Go, Diego, Go! Season 1[]

Super Cold Weather[]

Diego has a dark blue and white coat with orange or light blue mittens that he wears when he's in really cold weather, especially in the Arctic to visit penguins.

Go, Diego, Go! Season 2[]

Scuba Gear[]

Underwater, Diego wears a yellow and orange wet suit, a navy blue belt, and yellow scuba flippers or orange water shoes and most of the time from his rescue pack out comes an air tank and his diving mask. He also wears this in some other underwater episodes, such as the Season 3 episodes Manatee's Mermaid Rescue! and Tuga Helps the Moon. When he is underwater, he also wears a scuba mask, but takes it off when he is in a submarine or above water

Rescue Ranch[]

Diego wears a white hat, blue vest, white shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes.

Snow Outfit 2[]

In Macky the Macaroni Penguin, the snow outfit that Diego wore is different (it somewhat resembles a jumpsuit). He wears a blue hat with snow goggles, a warm shirt, and blue pants, and his snowshoes for this outfit have cords that when pulled release and retract built in skis.

Go, Diego, Go! Season 3[]

Halloween/Bat Costume 2[]

In Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!, he wears a brown shirt and pants with a black belt, a black cape, black boots, and brown gloves. He also wear black glasses, but during his adventure, he takes them off.

Go, Diego, Go! Seasons 4-5 and Dora the Explorer Seasons 6-8[]

He wears a short-sleeved red sweatshirt with an orange top underneath, black cargos, white socks, and black and red sneakers. He still wears his orange single-strapped backpack (also known as Rescue Pack).  He wears a red long-sleeve sweatshirt with dark gray pants and red shoes. He still wears his orange single-strapped backpack (also known as Rescue Pack).

Outdoor Outfit[]

He wears yellow and red jacket, black pants, and red and black sneakers.

Team Outfit[]

He wears blue team jacket.

Backpacking Outfit[]

During Diego's grizzly bear adventure story in Fiercest Animals, he wears a blue jacket, black pants, and black sneakers.