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Let's Learn Kindness is a Nick Jr. compilation DVD that features episodes from various Nick Jr. shows


  • Wallykazam!: Totally Swamped
  • Bubble Guppies: The Glitter Games
  • Dora the Explorer: Por Favor!
  • Team Umizoomi: Stolen Lunches
  • Blue's Clues: Blue's Sad Day
  • Ni-Hao Kai-Lan: Kai-Lan's Carnival


  • This DVD was released on 2015.
  • "¡Por Favor!" was previously seen on the Super Babies DVD, which was coincidentally released ten years (and two days) before this was released.
  • Here are the closing logo combos to all the episodes on this DVD:

Wallykazam, 2013 Nickelodeon Productions logo

Bubble Guppies, 2013 Nickelodeon Productions logo

Dora The Explorer, 1999 Nick Jr Productions logo

Team Umizoomi, 2013 Nickelodeon Productions logo

Blue's Clues, 1998 Nick Jr Animals logo

Ni Hao Ki Ian, 2005 Nick Jr Productions logo

There are 3 episodes on this DVD that placed old logos back under the control of those episodes rather than the 2013 Nickelodeon logo and this happens all the way until Let's Learn STEM Volume 2