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La Lechuza in Te Amo.

La Lechuza is a Spanish song telling anyone to be quiet. This song was heard in the episodes "Te Amo" and "The Big Potato".

Characters Singing[]


La lechuza (2×)
Hacer shh... (2×)
Hágamos silencio (2×)
Por favor (2×)

Theoretical English Version[]

The wise owl (2×)
Tells you shh... (2×)
So let's all be quiet (2×)
Pretty please (2×)


  • The song is a parody of Frère Jacques/Are You Sleeping? and Where Is Thumbkin?, except this song is in Spanish, Frère Jacques/Are You Sleeping? is in French (for Frère Jacques) and English (for Are You Sleeping?), and Where Is Thumbkin? is sung in English.
  • The title of the song means "The Owl" in Spanish. "Lechuza" also means "owl" in Spanish, but it is the female equivalent synonym of "owl".
    • The male equivalent of owl in Spanish is "Buho".
  • Dora and Boots sang the verses a total of three times. They sing them twice in Te Amo (while going past El Mago) and once in The Big Potato (while going past the dragon). Benny sang it once and it was in the second aforementioned episode.
  • "Hágamos silencio, por favor" is Spanish for "Let's be quiet, please".
  • It is the forty-second track in Dora the Explorer (album). It uses the Te Amo version.