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La Casa de Dora (literally Dora's House in Spanish) is an online Flash game in 2005 for Dora the Explorer. It was later released as a downloadable game from the Nick Arcade.


La Casa de Dora is a flash game starring Dora the Explorer. Have a play date with Dora in her house. Discover five (eight in the downloadable version) exciting games in three (five rooms in the downloadable version) and the garden. There are games and surprises in every room!


  • Living room: Players can click on things like learning about Dora's family, answering the phone for Boots, or listening to the radio. Mami can be found here. Clicking on the musical instruments in the box starts the music maker activity. Clicking on the printer prints out a picture of Dora and her parents.
  • Dora's bedroom: Players can click on Dora's happy box in Dora's room and she can talk about it. Clicking on the closet starts the dress-up activity, clicking on the bingo cards starts the bingo activity, and Backpack starts the star counting activity, but only after you collect at least one star.
  • Kitchen: Papi can be found here waiting to cook. Clicking on him starts the cooking activity.
  • Garden: Where flowers can be grown. Perrito can be found here. Clicking on the garden starts the garden activity, while clicking the soccer goal starts the soccer activity.
  • Bathroom (downloadable only): Players can click on things in the bathroom like using the sink or flushing the toilet. Clicking on the bathtub starts the bubble popping activity.
  • Nursery (downloadable only): Dora's baby brother and sister (Guillermo and Isabella) can be found here. Players can click on things to play with the babies such as feeding them, shaking the rattle, and giving them a ride in the stroller. Clicking on the book starts the bedtime story activity.


Living Room[]

  • Music Maker: Make music by clicking on the instruments in four different styles.

Dora's Bedroom[]

  • Adventure Dress-Up: Help Dora dress up for her adventure. After dressing, players can take a picture of her which can be printed out.
  • Bingo: Play a game of bingo and try to get three in a row.
  • Star Counting: Count stars after you collect at least one of them. Clicking on Backpack starts the star counting activity. In the downloadable version, the star pocket starts it, too.


  • Cooking: Choose a recipe to cook with Papi and find the ingredients in the kitchen.


  • Gardening: Plant a magic garden of flowers and watch them grow. After gardening, players can take a picture of the garden which can be printed out.
  • Soccer with Boots (downloadable only): Play a soccer game and try to get the ball past Boots into the net to score a goal.

Bathroom (downloadable only)[]

  • Popping Bubbles (downloadable only): Pop the bubbles to save Dora's bath toys in the tub and catch them in the pail.

Nursery (downloadable only)[]

  • Baby Bedtime Story (downloadable only): Create a story by choosing up to three different elements the player wants to see in it. Dora will then narrate the story to the player. After the story, the player can print out the story they created.

Interior of Dora's house[]

  • Star Catching: Not a minigame, but time to time, stars can appear throughout the rooms, except the backyard; clicking on them adds them to the star pocket. Clicking on Backpack in Dora's room or the star pocket at the top of the screen (in the downloadable version) starts an activity where the player gets to count the stars they caught.

Places in the Bedtime Story Game[]


  • Some of the clothes in the dress-up game are from past episodes:
  • All the games from the online version were later reissued as their own Flash games on
  • The nursery was later reissued as its own online Flash game: Playtime With the Twins.
  • In the Bingo game, the online version uses color stars with their faces and the downloadable version uses color blobs.
  • Bingo 1 uses words in both English and Spanish and Bingo 2 uses words, in just Spanish.
  • There are a few differences in the Cooking game:
    • Recipes uses ingredients in just English and Recitas uses ingredients in just Spanish.
    • The seventh meal is referred to as "Empanadas" in both languages.
    • At the end of the chili chicken, empanadas, and cheesy potato patties levels in the Cooking game, Papi puts the big red bowl with a red lid into the oven.
    • The frying meals on a pan on the stove are eggs with sweet plantains and chicken tortillas.
    • The baking meals in the oven are cornbread, chili chicken, empanadas, cheesy potato patties, custard, and cookies.
    • The cooking meals in a pot on the stove are rice with pigeon peas and chicken stew.
    • When Dora says, "Yay! Papi's cooking it on the stove!", Papi stirs it well.
    • Dora does not say "Yay!" in the frying part.
    • When the final ingredient is found, Dora says one of the other lines of dialogue except "Great! Let's find another one.".
  • In this game, before the Star pocket is clicked on, Dora will catch stars up to 20.
  • There are a few genders for stars:
    • The males are the orange, green, blue, purple, and brown stars.
    • The females are the red, yellow, white, and pink stars.
  • When zero stars are in the star pocket, Dora says, "Click on the stars you see in mi casa."
  • The exit door appears in the online version, not in the full version.
  • When you move the cursor over the Bingo 1 button, the words stay in place.
  • Clicking on the exit door in the online version will make the game end as Dora says, "Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you soon. Hasta luego!".
  • In both modes of bingo, Dora's ways of saying, "Do you see the color..." and "Verde!" sound the same for green.
  • In the Bingo game, Dora shouts "Verde!" instead of saying it in question.
  • In the Bingo game, Dora shouts "Verde!" after saying "Green!" in Bingo 1 and "Do you see the color..." in Bingo 2.
  • In Bingo 1, the only color that Dora does not say in question is green.
  • In Bingo 1, Dora says, "Do you have..." for any category but colors, but in Bingo 2, she says, "Do you see...".
  • For the carrots, cat, corn, and grapes, Dora says, "Do you see..." in both modes.
  • In the cooking game, Dora's ways of saying, "You did it, you found all the ingredients." sound different.
  • The Dora theme plays in the intro and the garden.
  • In the musical instruments game, the instruments are named in Spanish.


  • At the end of the eggs with sweet plantains level in the Cooking game, Papi fries the chicken tortillas.
  • In Bingo 2, for the colors orange and green, Dora says "the color" in English, not in Spanish.
  • In the kitchen, when you roll the cursor over the door, Dora does not say, "Go back.".
  • At the start of the Cooking game, when you move the cursor over the Recitas button, Dora says, "Recitas de cocina!".
  • In the Cooking game, the first meal is misspelt as "Eggs with sweet plaintains".

Parents tips[]

  • Bingo: Click on Bingo 1 for words in English and Spanish and Bingo 2 for words in Spanish.
  • Cooking: Click on Recipes for ingredients in English and Recitas for ingredients in Spanish.


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