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King of the crystal kingdom

The King of Crystal Kingdom, commonly known as The Greedy King, was a once (not bad, but) greedy king of the kingdom that didn't like to share, especially the crystals of the kingdom: the objects he hid away from the townspeople so that the crystals would only belong to him. He was voiced by guest star Richard Kind.


The King served as the antagonist for the double-length feature Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, his only physical appearance.

According to Dora's story narration, he was quite spoiled during his childhood, getting anything he wanted, including the wand he used throughout the special. The wand granted him abilities such as flight, transportation between stories, and magical spells of which he used many times during the special, including the final confrontation against Dora, Boots, and Allie for the red crystal. By the end of the special, he learns that sharing makes people happy. He then changes his greedy ways, ultimately giving Allie his crown, thus making her the new queen of the Crystal Kingdom.


The King is an older man with light tan skin and stands a bit taller than the townspeople. On his has a round face, he has two large black eyebrows and a mustache and goatee of the same color. His hair is fuzzy, and covers his ears, but leaves the top of his head bald, which is covered by his blue crown. The irises of his eyes are brown.

On his slightly rotund body, he wears a red shirt that has a blue sash over it to show royal status. On the back of his shirt, the King wears a furry, white with black spots cape. Below that, he wear blue pants and black shoes.


He sings the opening lines of the Greedy King Share Song during the battle against the heroes. The melody of his first sung line is something of a thematic musical phrase that is also present in the special's intro.


  • In the book Dora's Christmas Carol, the Greedy King's picture can be seen on Santa's naughty list.
  • He has some similarities with Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender in which both tend to do horrible things to his people and the world around them. The only difference is Ozai would later be locked up, whereas the King would eventually reform and retire.