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King Popo
King Popo
Name King Popo
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation King
Interests Being with his wife
Dislikes Being separated from his wife

El Mago

First Appearance Te Amo
Last Appearance {{{last}}}
Friends Dora

Queen Maria

Relatives Queen Maria (wife)
Prince Ramon (son; theoretical)
Enemies El Mago
Voiced By Juan Aceves

King Popo is the husband of Queen Maria who appeared on the episode Te Amo on Dora the Explorer.


King Popo lived with his beloved wife Queen Maria in a castle. He told her Te Amo ("I love you" in Spanish) and gave her many lavish and expensive gifts. He got separated from Queen Maria and was put under a spell turning him and Queen Maria into mountains by El Mago, a mean magician who despised their constant displays of affection. It was up to Dora and Boots to break the spell. Dora and Boots each had to climb the mountains and shout out "Te amo!" to break the spell. After the spell is broken, King Popo commends Dora and Boots as true heroes.