Name Kate
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation TBA
Interests Art, puppets, theater
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (Dora the Explorer)
Our First Concert (Dora and Friends: Into the City)
Last Appearance Shivers the Snowman
Friends Dora, Boots, Allie, Alana, Emma, Naiya, Pablo
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Enemies Dragon
Voiced By Cassady Leonard (Dora the Explorer)
Isabela Moner (Dora and Friends: Into the City)

Kate was a minor character who was dressed as a knight in Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom. She is also an Explorer Girl.


Dora, Boots & Allie were on a quest to find the yellow crystal in the Dragon Land story. Suddenly, they saw a knight who finding a dragon using a sword. Dora gets a rope from Backpack to take away the sword. The knight was amazed and the Dragon smiled. After that, Dora, Boots & Allie learned that the knight's name was Kate. They asked Kate if they saw a crystal. Kate said "Alas, I have not" but the Dragon knew where it was. So, Dora, Boots & Allie get a dragon ride to find the crystal stuck on the cliff face. The Dragon used his fire breath to open the cliff face and release the crystal. The Dragon dove down so that they can catch the crystal. And that's how Dora, Boots & Allie met Kate.


Kate has red hair, blue eyes, and cream colored skin. Kate is seen in a sky blue dress with purple edging, a periwinkle undershirt, purple leggings, and lavender and white shoes.

In Explorer Girls, she wore a periwinkle short-sleeved dress, red and green bracelets, blue capris, and pink shoes.

In Our First Concert, she wore a blue jean jacket with a teal collar and cuffs, red badge, her periwinkle undershirt, a necklace with red and green beads, the bracelets from Explorer Girls, a blue and periwinkle striped skirt, purple leggings, and pink boots.



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