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Diego: Hola! I'm Diego! I'm looking for my friend, Baby Jaguar. Do you see Baby Jaguar? Yeah. There he is. Let's all 'mreow' to Baby Jaguar. Say "Mreow, mreow".

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow". Hi.

Diego: Jaguar's are really great climbers. Are you a great climber?

Baby Jaguar: Jaguar's are great climbers because we have sharp claws. I love to climb.

Diego: We're looking at pictures in my photo album. Do you want to see the picture? Great! Here's a picture of Baby Jaguar when he was a little baby.

Baby Jaguar: When I was little, I couldn't see anything. But now I got great eyesight.

Diego: Right! And this one is with Dora and Boots when sail on the pirate ship together. Can you find Baby Jaguar? There he is! Look, here's a picture of Baby Jaguar running with his mom.

Baby Jaguar: And this one is of my momma giving me a piggyback ride down the hill.

Diego: And what are Momma and Baby Jaguar doing here?

Both: Swimming!

Diego: Right. Jaguar's are really great swimmers.

Baby Jaguar: My momma taught me how to swim. She's taught me everything I know.

Diego: Look, here's a special pictures of Momma Jaguar on Jaguar Mountain. Only big jaguars have climbed up of to the top of Jaguar Mountain.

Baby Jaguar: My momma's are great climber. And I've been practicing my climbing.

Diego: You're getting really good at climbing, Baby Jaguar.

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow". Wow! Diego, I can see Jaguar Mountain from here. Hey, I've got an idea.

Diego: What is it, Baby Jaguar?

Baby Jaguar: Well, only big jaguars have ever climbed to the top of Jaguar Mountain, right?

Diego: That's right.

Baby Jaguar: But I'm getting bigger.

Diego: You sure are.

Baby Jaguar: Everyday I'm getting bigger and stronger. Everyday I'm getting bigger I know that you are too Everyday I'm getting stronger Just like you Everyday I'm running faster Come on, run fast with me! Everyday I'm jumping higher Can you jump let me see. So maybe it's today I could make it all the way To the top of Jaguar Mountain in the sky I really think I'm bigger enough to try

Both: (Laughing)

Diego: So you really think you're big enough?

Baby Jaguar: Yeah, I think I am.

Diego: Then go for it, Baby Jaguar.

Baby Jaguar: Diego, could you find my momma, and bring her to Jaguar Mountain? I want to surprise her and show her I can do it.

Diego: Baby Jaguar is so excited. We've gotta find Momma Jaguar. Help me call for Momma Jaguar. Say "Mreow, mreow".

Momma Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Diego: That sounds like Momma Jaguar. Do you see Momma Jaguar? There she is!

Momma Jaguar: Hi, Diego.

Diego: Momma Jaguar, can you come with me to Jaguar Mountain?

Momma Jaguar: Sure, Diego. But why?

Diego: Baby Jaguar has a surprise for you.

Momma Jaguar: Really? I love surprises!

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Diego: Hey, that sounds like Baby Jaguar.

Momma Jaguar: He sounds far away. How are we going to find him?

Diego: My special camera, Click, can find Baby Jaguar. Say "Click!"

Click: Say, "Click". Take a pic. Say, "Click". Take a pic. Soy Click, la camara I can take a pic I can can see and hear the animal in trouble Zoom in, through the forest and out to the sea To find the animal just call on me Say, "Click". Take a pic. Hi, I'm Click the camera. We're looking for Baby Jaguar. Baby Jaguar sounds like this:

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Click: Let's zoom through the forest, and listen for Baby Jaguar's--

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Duck: "Quack, quack".

Click: There's an animal behind that bush!

Duck: "Quack, quack".

Click: Does that sound like Baby Jaguar? No! What animal goes:

Duck: "Quack, quack".

Click: A duck! Right!

Duck: "Quack, quack".

Frog: "Ribbit, ribbit".

Click: There's an animal behind that lilypad.

Frog: "Ribbit, ribbit".

Click: Does that sound like Baby Jaguar? No! What animal goes:

Frog: "Ribbit, ribbit".

Click: A frog, right!

Frog: "Ribbit, ribbit".

Scarlet Macaw: "Squawk, squawk".

Click: Does that sound like Baby Jaguar? No! That's a scarlet macaw.

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Click: There's an animal behind that rock.

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Click: Does that sound like Baby Jaguar? Yes!

Baby Jaguar: "Mreow, mreow".

Click: To take a picture of Baby Jaguar, say "Click". Got it! Now, you tell Diego you found Baby Jaguar.

Diego: What did you find? Baby Jaguar! We need to find out exactly where he is. We've got to see more of the picture. We can do that if Click zooms out. Say "Zoom!"

Momma Jaguar: Baby Jaguar's trying to the top of Jaguar Mountain!

Diego: That's a surprise for you!

Momma Jaguar: That's a great surprise. We've gotta go see Baby Jaguar climb to the top of the mountain!

Diego: Let's go!

[Una adventura plays]

Diego: Clap our hands with me. Clap, clap, clap. (4x) Great! Let's call to Baby Jaguar! Say, "Mreow, mreow". (2x)

All Animals: Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. Una adventura, amigos An adventure, my friends. (2x) Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. (2x)

Diego: Uh-oh. This windy wind is really strong.

Momma Jaguar: But we've go to get to Baby Jaguar.

Rescue Pack: Whoa! Diego!

Diego: The wind blew Rescue Pack away!

Momma Jaguar: Diego, watch out!

Diego: That was close! Thanks, Momma Jaguar.

Momma Jaguar: Anytime.

Rescue Pack: Diego!

Diego: That's Rescue Pack. We've gotta find him. Do you see Rescue Pack? You found him!

Rescue Pack: (Grunting)

Diego: Rescue Pack, are you okay? I was worried about you.

Rescue Pack: I'm okay, Diego, but-- (Grunting) I'm stuck!

Diego: Don't worry, buddy. We've just gotta move this tree off of you. (Grunting) Whoa. This tree is really heavy.

Rescue Pack: Diego, someone's moving the tree!

Diego: What animal is strong enough to push the tree? A jaguar, right!

Momma Jaguar: Don't worry, Rescue Pack. We'll get you loose.

Rescue Pack: Okay.

Diego: Jaguar's are one of the strongest animals in the rainforest. Are you strong like a jaguar? Great! Then let's push the tree off of Rescue Pack. Put your hands out in front of you, and--

Both: Push, push, push, push, push!

Rescue Pack: Whew. Thanks for helping me.

Momma Jaguar: No problem, Rescue Pack.

Rescue Pack: And thank you. You are as strong as a jaguar.

Diego: Are you okay now?

Rescue Pack: Yup! Ready for action.

Both: (Laughing)

Diego: Great!

Momma Jaguar: We've gotta get to Jaguar Mountain to see Baby Jaguar!

Diego: Let's follow Momma Jaguar. Uh-oh. I don't see Momma Jaguar. We've got to find her. Jaguar's are hard to find in the rainforest, because they blend in with the colours around them. Jaguar's are orange with black spots. Let's look carefully for things that are orange and black. This is orange and black. What is it? A butterfly! Let's look for more things that are orange and black. Look! Maybe this is Momma Jaguar. What's behind this bush? Flowers, right! Let's keep looking. More orange and black! What's behind this tree branch? A bird, right! We have to keep trying to find Momma Jaguar. Orange and black. What's behind this? Momma Jaguar, right! We found her.

Momma Jaguar: Come on, Diego. We've gotta get to Baby Jaguar.

Diego: Say, that's my video watch. It's my sister Alicia, calling from Science Deck.

Alicia: Diego, Momma Jaguar, look! Baby Jaguar is moving up Jaguar Mountain. But rocks are sliding down at him.

Momma Jaguar: Oh, no! We've gotta help him.

Diego: Baby Jaguar's gotta jump over the rocks! To help Baby Jaguar jump, we sing the Spanish word "Salta". Can you sing: "Salta"? Sing: "Salta." Sing after me! Salta! Salta! Look, more rocks are falling. Come on, you've got to sing! Salta! Look! More rocks, you know. Come on, now, let's go. Salta! Salta! Salta! Baby Jaguar jumped over all the rocks! Great Spanish singing.

Alicia: Great job, guys! Good luck getting to Baby Jaguar.

Both: Thanks, Alicia.

Momma Jaguar: Come on.

Diego: Momma Jaguar, wait!

Momma Jaguar: I wonder what happend to the bridge?

Diego: Whoa! The bridge is bouncing!

Bobo Brothers: Bobos! Bobos! (Laughing) Bobos! Bobos! Whee! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Both: The Bobo Brothers!

Momma Jaguar: Those naughty little monkeys are always causing trouble.

Diego: Do you see the monkeys?

Bobo Brothers: (Laughing) Bobos! Bobos!

Diego: There they are. And they're making the bridge all bouncy.

Momma Jaguar: We've got to stop the Bobos so we can get over the bridge.

Diego: We know how to stop the Bobos. To stop the Bobos, say, "Freeze, Bobos!" Louder!

Both: Freeze, Bobos!

Diego: You stopped the Bobos.

Bobo Brothers: Whoops, sorry!

Diego: Now we've got to get over this bridge. But it's so far.

Momma Jaguar: Diego, hop on my back, and I'll jump across.

Diego: Great idea, Momma Jaguar. Jaguar's have super strong legs that make them great jumpers. In English, we sing 'jump'. In Spanish, we sing "Salta". Come on, sing: "Salta." Louder! Salta! We made it.

Momma Jaguar: Thanks for singing "Salta". Come on!


Diego: That's Alicia. Diego, Baby Jaguar's trying to get up the mountain. But look! The turkey vultures won't get out of his way!

Turkey Vultures: Nyah, nyah, nyah! Can't get us to move!

Diego: We've gotta get those turkey vultures out of his way, or he'll never get to the top of Jaguar Mountain!

Momma Jaguar: I know. Turkey vultures are afraid of a Jaguar's growl.

Diego: If we all growl with Baby Jaguar, then maybe those turkey vultures will fly away! Come on! Let's growl with Baby Jaguar! Say, "Mreow, mreow!" Louder!

Baby Jaguar: Mreow, mreow! Mreow, mreow!

Turkey Vultures: (Yelling) Let's get out of here! We better go! Yipes!

Both: (Cheering)

Momma Jaguar: Great growling! The turkey vultures heard you, and flew away.

Alicia: And look! Baby Jaguar's starting to climb again.

Diego: You helped Baby Jaguar!

Momma Jaguar: Look at the Mountains!

Diego: There all shaped like animals. Which one is Jaguar Mountain? Yeah! There it is. Come on!

Momma Jaguar: Let's go see Baby Jaguar climb to the top!

Diego: We made it to Jaguar Mountain!

Momma Jaguar: Do you see Baby Jaguar?

Both: There he is!

Baby Jaguar: Momma, Momma! Look at me, Look at me! This is my surprise for you.

Momma Jaguar: That's fantastic, Baby Jaguar.

Baby Jaguar: I'm gonna get to the top, just like a big jaguar.

Momma Jaguar: I know you can do it. But be careful.

Diego: You can help Baby Jaguar climb to the top.

Baby Jaguar: Come on! Climb with me. Put your hands in the air to climb like a Jaguar. Now, climb! Climb, climb, climb, climb! Great climbing! Whoa! That's high! Help me reach! Put your hands in the air, and reach with me! Reach, reach, reach. Reach! All right! We're almost to the top! That's even higher! But jaguars are great jumpers! Will you jaguar jump with me? Great! Come on. You have to stand up to jaguar jump. Stand up, please. Stand up! Now, jump like a jaguar! Jump, jump, jump! Yes, yes, yes!

Momma Jaguar: You made it to the top of Jaguar Mountain! You are getting to be such a big jaguar.

Baby Jaguar: (Meowing)

Diego: Baby Jaguar, you did it, you did it!

Baby Jaguar: Did you see me? Did you, did you?

Diego: I sure did, Baby Jaguar. You are amazing climber.

Baby Jaguar: And you are too. Today's a special day 'Cause we made it all the way To the top of Jaguar Mountain You and I We made it up together 'cause we Tried

Diego: Let's take a picture for our Animal Science Book. Say "Click". Baby Jaguar's surprise was climbing all the way to top of Jaguar Mountain. And we all helped. Jaguar. Come on, say it with me.

Both: Jaguar.

Diego: Say it louder!

Both: Jaguar.

Diego: Everybody scream!

Both: Jaguar.

Diego: Yay! A jaguar is strong and can jump really high Let's jump with the jaguar Give it a try Let's jump with the jaguar. Stand up! Stand up! Now,

Both: Jump, jump. Jump, jump. Jump, jump. Jump, jump, jump.

Diego: They're fast and strong!

Momma Jaguar: We've got great eyes to see.

Diego: Let's growl with the jaguar. Repeat after me: Say "Mreow, mreow!"

Both: Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Mreow, mreow!

Both: Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Mreow, mreow!

Both: Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Mreow, mreow!

Both: Mreow, mreow!

Diego: Mision completa!

Momma Jaguar: Great job!

Baby Jaguar: You are great at helping animals!

Diego: What do jaguars do?

Both: Let's review!

Diego: Does a jaguar have a black spots or pink spots?

(Cursor clicks the black spots)

Diego: Black spots, right!

Alicia: Does a jaguar growl?

Baby Jaguar: (Growling)

Alicia: Or cluck?

Baby Jaguar: (Clucking)

(Cursor clicks the growls)

Alicia: It growls! Exactamente!

Diego: Is a jaguar a good tap dancer, or a good jumper?

(Cursor clicks the good jumper)

Diego: A good jumper, right! Can a jaguar fly, or climb?

(Cursor clicks the can climb)

Diego: It can climb, right! That's a jaguar!

Alicia: Let's put this picture of a jaguar in our Animal Science Book.

Diego: We found out so much about jaguars today.

Alicia: And there's so much more for us discover.

Both: Together!

Diego: Hasta luego, amigos!

Alicia: See you soon!