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Diego: Hola, I'm Diego!

Kicho: And I'm Kicho!

Diego: We're in the rainforest for a special dance contest with our friends, the whirligig beetles.

Kicho: They're all waiting for us inside that hole!

Beetles: Kicho, Diego. Kicho, Diego!

Kicho: We'd better go inside, Diego. They're calling for us.

Diego: I bet you're wondering how we can get small enough to fit insider that hole.

Kicho: My magic flute can make us small!

Magic Flute: Yeah, yeah! I can make you small! Small as a bug!

(Playing jaunty melody)

Diego: We need you to sing with the magic flute so we can become small like a bug.

Kicho: The magic word that makes us small is... shrink! Can you sing, "Shrink!"

Both: Shrink!

Diego: Awesome!

Kicho: Great! Now sing it when the magic flute tells you to!

Magic Flute: Listen, amigos, the boys need our help. There's plenty of magic of all! Sing after me. When I play my music! The magic will make them both... small! Sing... Shrink! Shrink! Sing... Shrink! Shrink!

Both: Yay!

Diego: Thanks for helping us shrink! Now we can go through! Come on! Whoa, it's awesome in here! I like being bug size!

Kicho: Me, too!

(Bugs cheering)

Diego: I hear whirligig beetles practicing their dance! Do you see whirligig beetles in the water?

Kicho: There they are!

(Playing melodic tune)

Benito: They're here! They're here! Kicho and Diego are here!

Beetles: Yay!

Diego: Are you guys ready for the big dance contest?

Beetles: Yes, sireee!

Benito: I'm not! Betty, my partner isn't here yet! If she doesn't get here soon, I won't get to dance! And we've been practicing for so long!

Kicho: Something must be wrong with Betty, Diego!

Diego: We've got to find her! My special camera Click can help us find Betty! Say, "Click."

Click: Say, "Click". Take a pic. Say, "Click". Take a pic. Soy Click, la camara I can take a pic I can can see and hear the animal in trouble Zoom in, through the forest and out to the sea, to find the animal just call on me! Say, "Click". Take a pic. Hi, I'm Click the camera. We need to find Benito's dance partner, Betty! Betty is a whirligig beetle with black wings! Let's zoom through the rainforest and look for wings that are black all over! Are these wings black all over? No! What color are these wings? Yeah! Red and black! What kind of bug is it? Yeah! That's a ladybug! Are these wings black all over? No! What color are these wings? Correcto! Yellow and black! That's a yellow grasshopper! Let's keep looking! Are these wings black all over? Yes, they are! That's a whirligig beetle! Can you say, "whirligig?" Say, "whirligig beetle!" Perfecto! Now, you tell Diego, you found a whirligig beetle!

Diego: What did you find? A whirligig beetle?

Benito: Hey, that's my partner, Betty!

Diego: To find out where she is, we've got to see more of the picture! We can do that if Click zooms out!

Both: Say, "Zoom!"

Diego: Betty is a tiny puddle of water!

Kicho: And look! She's hurt her wing and can't fly!

Benito: You have to go get her, Diego!

Diego: Don't worry, Benito! I'll bring back as fast as I can! I need something that can fly me all the way to Betty! Do you see something that can fly me all the way to Betty? Yeah! A butterfly can!

Blue Morpho Butterfly: Móntate, Diego!

Diego: Come on, amigos! Let's go get Betty the Beetle!

[Al rescate plays]

Diego: Clap your hands with me. Clap, clap, clap. (4x) Great, let's cheer for the whirligig beetle! Say, "Whirligig!" Beetles!

All Animals: Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. Al rescate, amigos! To the rescue my friends. (2x) Go, Diego, go. Vamos, Diego, vamos. (2x)

Diego: Look at all the puddles! Betty must be around here!

Blue Morpho Butterfly: Hasta luego, Diego!

Diego: Gracias, mariposa! We've got to look for Betty the Beetle! Do you see a beetle?

Betty: Over here, Diego!

Diego: There she is! Vamos! Betty, Benito is so worried about you!

Betty: I hurt my wing and can't fly!

Diego: Aw!

Betty: You've got to help me get to the contest before it's over! I don't want to let Benito down! He's my favorite dance partner!

Diego: No problem! Let's go, amigos! Let's get Betty to the contest!

Betty: So I can dance with Benito!

(Heavy footfalls)

Betty: Uh-oh! An animal is heading this way, Diego!

Diego: That's an anteater! When you're the size of a bug, some animals look gigantic! And we're so small, the anteater doesn't see us! We've got to get out of that anteater's way!

Betty: But my wing is hurt and I can't fly!

Diego: Can beetles run, Betty?

Betty: We sure can!

Diego: We need you to run with us! Are you a fast runner? Great! Stand up, please! Stand up! And, run!

Both: Run, run, run, run, run! Run, run, run, run, run!

Betty: That was so exciting!

Diego: Thanks for helping us get away from the anteater! You really know how to run fast! Come on! Let's go!

Betty: Oye, Diego, it's starting to rain!

Diego: Yeah, and these raindrops are gigantic! We don't want to get hit by the big raindrops! Hey, look, those flowers look like umbrellas! Maybe we can get them to open!

Umbrella Flower: Ahi viene la lluvia!

Betty: Open, flowers!

Umbrella Flowers: Que!

Betty: Oh, they speak Spanish!

Diego: We've got to tell each flower to open! Say, "abre!"

Both: Abre!

Diego: Say, "abre!" Otra vez! Abre! Hey, it's stopped raining!

Betty: Thanks for helping us get away from the rain!

Diego: You're great at speaking Spanish! Gracias, flores!

Umbrella Flowers: De nada!

Diego: Let's go amigos! Let's get Betty to the contest!

Betty: So I can dance with Benito!

(Frog croaking)

Betty: Uh-oh! I hear a frog! Oh boy, this isn't fun.

Diego: The frog's got Betty in his mouth! We've got to help Betty get out of that frog! My insect book says that beetles can release a stinky smell that frogs don't like! We can help Betty make her stinky smell, and then the frog will spit her out! Hold your nose, so you don't smell Betty! Now yell, "Stinky smell!" Again! "Stinky smell!" Louder! "Stinky smell!"

Frog: Yuck! That stinks!

Betty: Gracias, por ayudarme! I love my stinky, stinky smell!

(Both laughing)

Diego: Come on, amigos! Let's go!

Betty: Uh-oh, this muddy road is really, really deep!

Diego: Our legs aren't long enough to walk across it! We need someone that can help us get through the mud! Do you see anyone that can help us get through the mud? Yeah, Baby Jaguar can help! But he's asleep! Baby Jaguar?

Betty: He can't hear us, Diego, 'cause we're so small!

Diego: We need your help! Yell as loud as you can! Baby Jaguar! Louder! Baby Jaguar!

Both: Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: Why are those bugs calling to me?

Both: Baby Jaguar! Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: That looks like Diego! Is that Diego? It is!

Diego: Hi, Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: Diego, why are you so small?

Diego: 'Cause I'm on a bug rescue mission! And Betty the Beetle and I need your help!

Baby Jaguar: What can I do? What can I do?

Diego: Do you think your legs are long enough to walk through that mud?

Baby Jaguar: I think so!

Diego: Awesome!

Betty: Yay!

Baby Jaguar: Here we go!

Both: Yay, Baby Jaguar!

(Baby Jaguar grunting)

Diego: Uh-oh, Baby Jaguar's having trouble lifting his legs!

Betty: But we've got to get to the dance contest before it's over, Diego!

Diego; We need you to help Baby Jaguar lift his legs to step through the mud! Will you help us?

All: Yay!

Diego: Cool Lift your leg up! Lift your leg up! Great! Now, stomp it down!

(All laughing)

Betty: It's working!

Diego: Lift your other leg up! Lift, lift, lift, lift! Now, stomp!

Baby Jaguar: You're making it easier!

Diego: Lift and stomp! Lift and stomp! Lift, stomp, lift, stomp, lift, stomp!

All: Yay!

Baby Jaguar: (Laughing) Thanks for helping me lift and stomp!

Betty and Diego: Whee!

Baby Jaguar: (Giggling) That tickles! Mreow, mreow! You won't stay bug-size forever, right, Diego?

Diego: Nah, just for today! See you soon, Baby Jaguar!

Baby Jaguar: Mreow, mreow!

Betty: Yum! Que rico, mosquito!

Diego: We made it back to the whirligig beetle hole!

Betty: The contest is almost over! We've got to get there so I can dance with Benito!

Diego: But look, a spider web is blocking the hole!

Betty: We'll just have to push through, Diego!

Diego: Betty, wait!

Betty: Ay, no! I'm stuck! This isn't fun!

Diego: We've got to get Betty unstuck! My special spider web gloves can help us climb up to her!

Betty: Um, Diego, you'd better start climbing fast. 'cause here comes the spider!

Diego: Help me climb fast! Put your hands out in front of you and... climb, climb, climb, climb, climb!

Betty: Hurry, Diego, hurry!

Diego: Help me pull Betty off the web! Put you arms out and... pull, pull, pull! We got her! We've got to get through this web!

Spider: Here, let me help you, Diego!

Diego: Oh, I know this spider! He's a nice spider!

Spider: I didn't recognize you! How did you get so small?

Diego: Kicho used his magic flute to makes us small so we could watch the dance contest!

(Flute playing gentle music)

Spider: Ooh, I love Kicho's flute music!

(Crowd cheering in distance)

Spider: It sounds like the contest is coming to an end!

Betty: Oh, we'd better go! We'd better go!

Spider: Here, you can swing down on my web!

Betty and Diego: Thanks, spider! Gracias!

Spider: Buenas suerte, Betty!

Betty: Look, the contest is almost over! I don't see Benito!

Diego: There he is next to Kicho, and Kicho needs to announce the winner!

Kicho: Now if there are no more contestants, we need to pick a winner!

(Playing sweet melody)

Diego: Oh, no! We've got to let them know that you're here, Betty! Kicho, Benito! They can't hear us!

Betty: I've got an idea! Whirl, whirl!

Diego: Great idea, Betty! Whirligig beetles call out to each other by whirling in the water and sending out ripples!

Betty: It's our only hope! Whirl, whirl!

Benito: Look, ripples! Betty's coming! Betty's coming! You made it, Betty! You made it!

Beetles: Yay!

Benito: I was so worried about you!

Betty: I'm sorry, Benito! I hurt my wing a little and couldn't fly, but I sure can dance!

Benito: I'm just glad you're here!

Kicho: Our last contestants are Betty and Benito!

(Playing sprightly tune)

(Beetles cheering)

Beetles: Yay! Betty and Benito are the best! They should win! They should win! Fantastico! Bravo! Maravilloso!

Betty: Wow, they really like us!

Benito: You danced great!

Betty: So did you!

Beetles: Betty, Benito! Betty, Benito! Betty, Benito!

Kicho: The winners are... Betty and Benito!

All: Yay!

(Playing sprightly tune)

Diego: That was awesome!

Betty: Thanks for bringing me back to Benito in time for the dance contest!

Diego: You're welcome!

Benito: And thanks for playing your magic flute for us, Kicho!

Kicho: De nada!

Diego: That was the best beetle dance contest ever!

[Animal end song plays]

Diego: Whirligig beetle!

Kicho: Say it with us!

Diego: Whirligig beetle!

Both: Say it louder!

All: Whirligig beetle!

Diego: Everybody scream!

All: Whirligig beetle! Yay!

Diego: They live in the rainforest!

Kicho: They fly and swim!

Betty and Benito: But we really love to whirl!

Diego: Let's whirl with them! Splash your feet and help the beetles whirl! Whirl, whirl!

Beetles: Whirl, whirl! We love to eat mosquitoes!

Betty: And we make a stinky smell!

Diego: You have to hold your nose! Hold your nose and yell! Stinky smell!

Kicho: Stinky smell!

Both: Stinky smell!

All: Stinky smell!

Diego: Mision cumplida!

Kicho: Rescue complete!

Diego: We brought Betty the Beetle to the dance contest on time!

Both: Yay!

Diego: What does a whirligig beetle do?

Both: Let's review!

Diego: Does a whirligig beetle live in water or in mountains?

(Cursor clicks the water)

Diego: Water, right! Water in the rainforest!

Kicho: To protect themselves from frogs, does a whirligig beetle make a funny face or a stinky smell!

(Cursor clicks the stinky smell)

Kicho: A stinky smell, correcto!

Diego: Does a whirligig beetle eat mosquitoes or strawberries?

(Cursor clicks the mosquitoes)

Diego: Mosquitoes, right!

Kicho: Hey, we've almost finished the puzzle!

Diego: To make ripples in the water, does a whirligig beetle whirl or blow?

(Cursor clicks the whirl)

Diego: Whirl, correcto! So they can call out to other beetles!

Diego: We solved the puzzle! That's a picture of a whirligig beetle.

Kicho: Let's put the picture of the whirligig beetle in the rainforest section of our Animal Science Book. We found out so much about whirligig beetles today.

Diego: And there's so much more for us to discover.

Both: Together!

Diego: Hasta luego, amigos!

Kicho: See you soon!