Isabella Márquez
Name Isabella Márquez
Species Human
Gender Female
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Interests TBA
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First Appearance Big Sister Dora
Last Appearance TBA
Friends Boots
Relatives Dora (sister), Guillermo (twin brother), Elena (mother), Miguel (father), Valerie (grandmother), Diego, Daisy and Alicia (cousins)
Enemies Swiper
Voiced By Olivia Coronel (Dora the Explorer)
Breanna Lakatos (Dora and Friends)

Isabella Márquez is Dora's adorable and beautiful little sister. She was a 1 year old baby and is the twin sister of Guillermo. She appeared in several episodes of Dora the Explorer which that some episodes that she doesn't appear. She sleeps with him everyday but in a separate bed. She appeared in Dora the Explorer games on and appears to also have super powers in the episode, "Super Babies". Like Guillermo, she remained unnamed until the episode "Dora's Jack-in-the-Box", where her name was revealed. She also appeared in the Dora And Friends episode "Magic Land" in which she was a little older and could actually speak in full sentences. She is voiced by Breanna Lakatos.


  • In Dora and Friends: Into the City!, a slightly older and prettier Isabella lives with her twin brother, lovely big sister, parents and Abuela in the city of Playa Verde.


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