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Isa's Unicorn Flowers
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Airdate Wednesday, September 17, 2008 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 (DVD)
Sunday, April 11, 2010 (Nick Jr.)
Tuesday, June 13, 2023 (YouTube)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 10:30am
Season 5
Episode 3 (aired)
4 (produced)
Written by Rosemary Contreras
Storyboard by:
Carol Delmindo Datuin
Curt Walstead
Directed by Allan Jacobsen
Previous Benny's Big Race (airing order)
Dora Saves Three Kings Day (production order)
Next Dora's Jack-in-the-Box (airing order)
Benny's Big Race (production order)

Isa's Unicorn Flowers is the 3rd episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 5.

In production order, it's the 4th episode of Season 5.



When Isa's magical unicorn flowers bring a unicorn to Dora's backyard, they'll need help from the viewer (and from Isa's flowers) to get Unicornio home to his mommy at the end of the Rainbow!

Places in this episode[]

  1. Dragon's Cave
  2. Troll Bridge
  3. Rainbow


  • Dora's House
  • The field where Boots and Tico play soccer
  • Unicorn Forest



  • Starting with this episode, Lenique Vincent replaces Ashley Fleming as the new voice of Isa.
  • The saturation is washed out.
  • This is the second half-hour episode where Boots does not join Dora on her adventure (excluding Best Friends, where he and Dora went on separate adventures going to Rainbow Rock).
  • This is Isa's biggest role to date.
  • The Dragon's Cave makes its second appearance, with the first being Dora's Fairytale Adventure.
  • This is the second appearance of Mei, who is Dora and Swiper's friend from China. She first appeared in Dora's World Adventure.
  • This is the 102nd episode of the show.
  • This episode premiered exactly 6 years after Doctor Dora.
  • This is the 4th episode where Isa speaks Spanish. She says, "Crezcan flores" multiple times to get her flowers to grow.
  • When Isa falls down the rainbow, She screams, "Whoa, help!". And the unicorn flowers fall off her hand.
  • This is the 15th episode where Dora doesn't check Backpack. Instead, Isa uses her pink bag for seeds to grow.
  • This is Grumpy Old Troll's 15th appearance as well as Dora's 14th instance and Isa's second instance (first being We're a Team!) of going over the Troll Bridge.
  • Dora and Isa only sing the Travel Song once. During the song:
    • Each time Dora and Isa say the destination ("Rainbow!"), they raise their arms.
    • Unicornio says the destination after the third "Where are we going?" instead of the Fiesta Trio.
    • This is Isa's second time singing it, following The Golden Explorers. It's also the only episode where she sings it with Dora instead of Boots since he's not traveling with her and is busy playing with Tico. Isa is technically Boots' replacement.
  • Map's dancing is recycled from Dora's Fairytale Adventure but only half of it was used.
  • Unicornio has made his debut in this episode before becoming king in the Enchanted Forest Trilogy.
  • This is the first episode where Boots isn't present during the "Favorite Parts" scene, most likely because he is still busy hanging out with Tico.
    • Instead, Isa takes his place.
  • For once, Dora didn't need the viewer's help to catch something/someone; in this case, Isa, when she fell through the rainbow. However, she did need their help to catch the unicorn flowers. Isa attempted to save them by holding them up, but accidentally let them go.
  • In the YouTube version, the intro fades straight to the episode, without a jump-cut to black screen and jump-cuts to the warp speed credits without a fade-out to black, cutting off the cloud scenes and music when halfway finished by the Nickelodeon logo that shifts left when finished.

Running Gags[]

  • The phrase "Crezcan flores" (meaning "Grow, flowers" in Spanish) being used to get the flowers to grow.
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