Hit the Ball was a song that was heard in the episode "Baseball Boots" where Boots sang on what we was already good at in baseball. He was already good at throwing and catching. But, he never actually hit a baseball in the baseball game.


Boots: I'm really good at throwing and I catch well with my mitt
I played in lots of baseball games but I've never got a hit
But when I hit the baseball I know everyone will cheer
Fiesta Trio: Hooray for Boots the monkey, he's the player of the year
Boots: I'll hit the baseball really far, I'll win the game, I'll be the star
I've practiced and I've practiced, I'll be giving it my all
I really wanna hit it, (Fiesta Trio: he really wants to hit it)
I really wanna hit the ball
I know that I can hit it (Dora Márquez: I know that you can hit it)
Both Dora Márquez and Boots: I'm really gonna hit the ball


  • Boots does most of the singing.
  • The Fiesta Trio are the back up singers.
  • On the last line, Dora & Boots sing in unison.
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