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Happy Mother's Day, Mami! is the third book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


It's Mother's Day! Dora has decided to make a special cake for her "mami," but first she must gather all the ingredients. Join Dora as she gets ready to make her "mami's" Mother's Day present, and find out what her friends make for "their" mommies along the way!

Places in book[]

  1. Banana Grove
  2. Nutty Forest
  3. Chocolate Tree

Note: Just like in the episode.


  • This book was released exactly 1 year after The Golden Explorers premiered and Dora's Backpack and Little Star were released.
  • This book is based on the episode El Día De Las Madres.
  • When issued as part of Dora's Storytime Collection, the book was retitled "Happy Birthday, Mami!".
  • There are a few differences between the book and actual episode:
    • In the book, Dora traveled alone to get the cake ingredients; in the episode, Boots went with her.
    • Unlike the book, the Banana Grove is just referred to as "the Bananas".
    • Swiper does not swipe Benny's cowbell for his grandma.
    • In the book, Dora needed three bananas for the cake; in the episode, there were ten. However, there were still six nuts and one piece of chocolate just like the episode.
    • The "jumping over nuts" scenario has been withdrawn from the book.
    • All of Dora's friends with their mothers have been withdrawn from the party at the end in the book.