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Dora asks the viewers to get something from Backpack

Oh no! I don't know when to talk!

Boots: "But Dora, this episode's transcript is incomplete!"
Dora: "We need your help!"
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Dora: Hola! Soy Dora!

Boots: And I'm Boots!

Dora: And this is mi abuela!

Abuela: Hola!

Dora: Today is my baby brother and sister's first birthday! Do you like birthday parties?

Boots: We love birthday parties!

Dora: We sure do, Boots. We're getting ready for the twins' birthday party.

Babies: Party! Party!

Boots: There will be party hats, party games and surprises, and goody bags!

Dora: And abuela is making something very special.

Abuela: Po su fuesto.

Dora: She's making the twins' favorite cakes for their birthday. She's teaching me how to make them, too.

Abuela: Si. We're making fruit cakes.

Dora: Can you guess Guillermo's favorite fruit? Bananas! Correcto! Abuela's making a yummy banana cake for Guillermo!

Guillermo: Bananas, bananas!

Boots: (giggles) I love bananas too, Guillermo!

Dora: Can you guess Isabella's favorite fruit? Strawberries! Si! Aubela's making a strawberry cake for Isabella!

Isabella: Strawberry! Yummy!

Dora: Abuela's fruit cake's so deliciosos, and all healthy, too.

Abuela: La toda fiesta bien. Por su puesto. First, we put the ingredients in the bowl. Then we mix them up. Bate, bate, bate! Muy bien! Now we bake the cakes.

[She puts the cakes in the oven]

Babies: Yay! Cake, cake, cake!

Dora: Guillermo and Isabella, while the cakes are baking, do you want to hear a Super Babies birthday story?

Babies: (clapping) Super Babies!

Dora: Si! A Super Babies story! Do you want to hear a Super Babies story, too? Great! Once upon a time...

[She starts telling the story]

Dora: (narrating) There was a Cake-Snatching Bear who liked to snatch birthday cakes and take them to his castle.

Dora: We've got to get those birthday cakes back to save everyone's birthday!

Dora and Boots: This is a job for the... Super Babies!

Super Babies: Super Babies!

Boots: But Dora, we don't know where the bear's castle is.

Dora: Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? The Map, right! You have to say "Map!"

[Map pops up]

Boots: Say "Map!" Say "Map!"

[Map zooms into the air]

["I'm the Map" plays]

Map: I'm the Map, I'm the Map.

Fiesta Trio: He's the Map, he's the Map.

Map: I'm the MAP!

(Song ends)

Map: Dora and Boots need to help the Super Babies get back all the birthday cakes from the bear's castle. To get to the castle, first, we have to go through the bouncy house. Then, across the piñata forest. And that's how we get to the bear's castle! So remember: house, forest, bear's castle. Say it with me. House, forest, bear's castle. House, forest, bear's castle. House, forest, bear's castle. So you tell Dora. First, you go to the bouncy house.

Dora: Where do we go first?

(Cursor clicks the bouncy house)

Dora: The bouncy house, right. Do you see the Bouncy House?

(Cursor clicks it)