Green Iguana Helps Abuelito Plant a New Strawberry Farm
Diego with Green Iguana
Airdate February 5, 2008
Season 3
Episode 1
Written by Ligiah Villalobos
Directed by George Chialtas
Previous Alicia Saves The Crocodile
Next Kicho's Magic Flute
Dora seen for the first time

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Green Iguana Helps Abuelito Plant a New Strawberry Farm is the 1st episode of Go, Diego, Go! from season 3.

Characters present


When a wind blows away Abuelito's strawberries, it's up to Diego to help Alicia and the Bobo Brothers save the farm by bringing Green Iguana and her belly full of strawberry seeds!


  • Starting with this episode, Alicia was now voiced by Serena Kerrigan instead of Constanza Sperakis.
  • Starting with this episode, Valerie Walsh is now credited as Valerie Walsh Valdes.
  • Starting with this episode, Dave Wigforss is now credited as David Wigforss.
  • Diego doesn't sing the "Al Rescate" song in this episode, he instead sings the "Una Adventura" song.

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