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The wizard

The Wizard (Dora And Friends)

The Greedy Wizard is a main antagonist from the Dora and Friends episode, "The Magic Ring".


The wizard worked for the princess, but what she didn't know was that he was stealing her family's treasures and took her ring, when he put it on, it shrunk him and he was looking for the ring so he can get his sizes back, but he was chasing Dora and her friends all over the ancient Mexican kingdom, trying to get the ring to the princess. When the spell of the magic ring was broken, he tried to accused Dora and her friends for the stolen ring, but Dora had thought of a plan to prove that the wizard took the ring so the mouse led everyone to his shack. When Princess Xochitl told the wizard to open the door to get the ring, he tried to cover it, but when the princess opened the door and saw that his house was filled with her family's treasures, she was shocked about learning he took her ring and treasures, so she ordered her guards to take the wizard and his pet cat away.


  1. Both framed a supporting character of theft (Krusty and Dora).
  2. Both hold a grudge against their series' protagonists (The Wizard against Dora and her friends & Bob against Bart).