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Greedy King Share Song is a song from "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom" that teaches the Greedy King the importance of sharing. This song was featured as the tenth track in the album We Did It! Dora's Greatest Hits.


I'm the king, I never share
I get what I want, I don't care
Even if the sun won't shine
I want the magic crystals
To be, mine
All mine

The crystals are for everyone! (Everyone)
For sky and water, trees and sun
The greedy King just won't play fair
To get the crystals back, sing...

Share, share, share!
They’re mine!
Share, share, share!
No! Mine!

Dora: We need your help to sing "Share!" with us, so we can get the crystals back from the King!
Everybody sing! One, two, three!

Share, share, share!
Mine, mine, mine!
Share, share, share!
Sing it louder!
Share, share, share!

Note: Parts in italics are spoken.