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The Gooey Geyser is a location, often a destination, that Dora, Boots, and a number of other characters visit in the franchise.


First appearing in the Season 2 episode Lost Squeaky, it's a hole in the ground that periodically spurts out, not water and steam, but pink goop (as explained by Map), or bubbles on one known occasion. Due to its nature, the Gooey Geyser is seen more as a hazard that should be avoided or to keep a distance from. This is shown in episodes that characters actively try not to get goo'd when the geyser erupts. Typically, the ground shaking is a sign that the geyser is about to erupt.

Like a real-life geyser, that sprays water, the goo of the Gooey Geyser is stored underground in a reservoir[1]. The inside of the geyser is an upwards-flowing chamber of pink goo that contains bubbles, some of which are star-shaped, with colors ranging from reds to yellows. Solid objects caught in the current of goo, presumably, may become encased in a bubble.


The Gooey Geyser

Benny and his balloon stuck on the Gooey Geyser, from Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!

More than one Gooey Geysers exist in the Rainforest[2]. It appears five different times throughout the franchise; four times in Dora the Explorer, and once in Dora and Friends. Each time it'd been seen, it had taken on a design different from the last, save for the fourth and fifth iterations which look near-identical to each other.

Look at the Gallery to see all five geysers.

  • The 1st from Lost Squeaky: more closely resembled a real life geyser than the coming iterations. Rather small and closer to the ground, but completely covered in pink goop that formed a large residual puddle on the grass around it. Located in an open field.
  • The 2nd from Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!: a mound of hardened goop, giving it an appearance similar to a mini volcano with the height of about three Doras. Located on short hill in an area more open than the last geyser.
  • The 3rd from Catch the Babies: an actual mini volcano made of rock protruding out of the ground; comparably wide, but shorter than the last geyser. Pink goop is splashed on the crater. Located at the end of the dirt path in an open area from a downhill slope.

The last two geysers are similar to the 3rd geyser in appearance, but are much larger, yet take design elements from the past versions. Those elements will be described instead.


  • The 1st and 5th geysers are the only ones that don't cause the ground to shake, regardless if the geyser goes "KER-SPLOOSH!" or not.
  • Both the 2nd and especially the 3rd versions both play somewhat similar roles to the Volcano (specifically the one from Bouncing Ball, Roberto the Robot, Swiper the Explorer, and We're a Team!) as not only do they cause the ground to shake whenever they prepare to go "KER-SPLOOSH!" and "KA-BOOM!", respectively, but any character on either scene will say quotes similar to what they expect whenever the ground shakes. Here's a quote comparison:
Quotes said when the Volcano shakes: Quotes said when the Geyser shakes:
Note: quotes in bold are shared between the two, said word-for-word.
  • "The ground's starting to shake!"
  • "We're starting to shake!"
  • "The Gooey Geyser is going to go KER-SPLOOSH!"



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