The Gooey Geyser is a location that Dora, Boots, and a number of other characters visit in the show. It takes on many different designs in its only four appearances.

  • Its first was an actual geyser, but just covered in pink goop. This is the only incarnation that doesn't cause the ground to shake at all, whether if the geyser gets ready to go ker-sploosh or not.
  • Its second was like the first, but it's a goopy mound has hardened, giving an appearance similar to a mini volcano. It's as tall as two or three Doras.
  • Its third was truly just a mini volcano with goop splashed on the top and the other half being just rock.
  • Finally, its fourth and final appearance is more of a wider refurbishment of the 3rd incarnation.

Episode Appearances


  • Season 2 was the debut while Season 8 was its last appearance.
  • The geyser is able to erupt with pink goo periodically, but in Catch the Babies, it shot out with pink and blue bubbles instead.


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