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Good Luck song has the characters in Wizzle world wish Dora & Boots good luck when they have to return the crystal back to the wishing wizzle. The song was heard in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.


Your world may be hard, with bumps along the way,
So now before you start, we Wizzles would like to say… (We would like to say!) (We will say!)
Good luck, good luck, buena suerte! (2x)
As you set out on your journey,
that is what we Wizzles wish out for you!
Good luck, good luck, buena suerte! (2x)
And you go swiftly and safely,
until your journey is through! (¡Gracias!)
But you should watch out for the Witch,
because a witch might have an itch!
She'll steal your crystal, and to take it far away!
¿La Bruja? (¡Si!)
No matter what that witch intends,
If you'll remember all your friends,
then at the end, you'll be okay!
One more time!!! Sing!
Good luck, good luck, buena suerte! (2x)
And once you travel, be careful!
And since wishing is what Wizzle do,
"Buena suerte" is our wish for you!