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This is a list of Go, Diego, Go! episodes that aired between November 5, 2010-September 16, 2011.


  • Episodes are listing in airing order, not when, in Season 4, they were produced.
  • An asterisk (*) indicates an episode lasting over 30 minutes.
Episode # Season # Title Picture Airdate
69. 5x01 "Diego Rescues Prince Vicuña" 0k0bxvv November 5, 2010
70. 5x02 "Koala's Birthday Hug" 2194051 February 7, 2011
71. 5x03 "To Babysit a Bobo" Bobo Brothers and their sisters February 8, 2011
72. 5x04 "Pampas Cat and Friends Help the Rescue Center" Pampa cats in river February 9, 2011
73. 5x05 "Cotton-Top Tamarin Cave Rescue" 0p2pccv February 10, 2011
74. 5x06 "Fiercest Animals"* 0n3nkgr September 16, 2011


  • This is, of course, the last season of the Go, Diego, Go! series.
    • This is also the shortest season of the series.
    • However, Diego, Alicia, and Baby Jaguar will still appear a few more times in Dora the Explorer and once more in For the Birds, along with the Bobo Brothers.
  • Paramount+ does not include Season 5 because Seasons 4 and 5 are put together into one season, Season 4.
    • This also applies to the production order, where there is actually not a fifth season, meaning that these episodes are produced in Season 4.
    • iTunes and Amazon Prime list their episodes into "volumes" rather than seasons.

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