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Friendship bracelets are the main artifact used in Dora's World Adventure!.

These are gifted out to various guests attending Friendship Day. Once worn, it's a sign that those friends will be together "forever and ever". Wearing the bracelet also causes it to glow; once every friend in the world has a bracelet, the bracelets will glow continuously and cause a giant rainbow to light up the sky with sparkles and fireworks, which can be initiated when everyone holds up their bracelets and waves them back and forth.

Swiper accidentally swiped bracelets from France, Tanzania, Russia, and China, not knowing their true purpose. It is when Dora warned him of them that he realized his mistake, and he and Dora embarked on a world adventure to return them and save the day. In each country, they encountered another Swiper of his kind who also wanted to swipe the bracelets similar to how Swiper did.


The bracelet is yellow with multicolored beads in red, green, orange, blue, pink, and purple. When active, it emits a glow of multicolored rainbow sparkles. They come in a red box with an orange, yellow, and green rainbow stripe.