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Friendship Song is the update song from the episode Friendaversary Adventure that is based off the original's 4th double-length episode "The World Adventure!".


Boots: ♪There's nothing better than being friends!♪

Dora: ♪Somos amigos, you can depend on that.♪

Dora and Boots: ♪You can count on me♪

Dora: ♪I can count on you. You can share with me♪

Dora and Boots: ♪And I can share with you. Together, you and me. Wherever we go. You know we'll always be...♪


Dora and Boots: ♪There's nothing better than being friends! We'll play together! We'll laugh and dance! There's nothing better!!♪

Dora and Boots: ♪Nothing's better than being friends! Being amigos! Than being friends!♪♪