Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!
Singing the halloween song diego
Airdate October 27, 2008
Season 3
Episode 16
Written by Rosemary Contreras
Directed by Henry Lenardin-Madden
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Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween! is the 16th episode of Go, Diego, Go! from season 3.

Characters present


Linda the Llama can't join Diego, Alicia, and Freddie the Fruit Bat for trick or treating because the bridge is broken. It's up to Diego and his friends to figure out a way to get Linda the Llama across the bridge.


It's Halloween! Diego, Alicia and Freddie the Fruit Bat are setting up trick-or-treating booths for all the animals. When suddenly, they hear a cry for help. Diego uses Click to find the animals in trouble. It's llamas! Oh, no! The llamas were bringing the goodie bags to the Rescue Center when suddenly, that bridge is broken. Now the llamas won't be able to come into the rainforest. They have to fix the bridge so that the llamas can bring the treats to the party! Al rescate! The viewers help Freddie use echoes, to get through the Rainforest Maze. Then, they help Freddie climb inside a tree hole to find Baby Jaguar's lost hat, and then navigate 'arriba/abajo' through the Spider Webs all the way to the broken bridge. Diego secures the bridge and all of the llamas run into the rainforest with the treats. It's time to trick-or-treat!!!

Fruit Bat Facts

  1. Fruit bats eat fruit.
  2. Fruit bats use their wings to fly.
  3. Fruit bats make echoes.
  4. Fruit bats live in the rainforest.


  • This episode shows Click in a new version.
  • Diego doesn't say "Excelente!", he instead says "Yay!"
  • Diego doesn't say "We solved the puzzle.", he instead says "We've finished the puzzle.".
  • Diego's zipline is orange instead of brown.
  • A pumpkin firework sound effect is heard when the fruit bat is saying "Happy Halloween!".
  • This episode premiered 4 days before Halloween 2008.
  • Diego is a Fruit Bat
  • Alicia is a Blue Morpho Butterfly
  • Baby Jaguar is a Pirate
  • Bobo Brothers are Ghosts
  • Linda Llama is a Clown


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