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Follow the Leader Like an Orangutan is a song about following different things that Orangutans do, in which more orangutans would join in. It was sang by Diego, Burgin, and then later the other orangutans in the episode "Diego's Orangutan Rescue".

Characters Singing[]


Diego : Come on, let's play Follow the Leader to see more orangutans.

Do what we do! Ready, here we go!

Touch your nose! Yeah, c'mon everybody!

Diego and Burgin : Touch your nose....

Orangutans : Like a orangutan!

Diego : Look, the orangutan family are touching their noses too. Cool!

Now wiggle your fingers! Yeah, that's the way!

Diego and Burgin : Wiggle your fingers....

Orangutans : Like a orangutan!

Burgin : More orangutans are joining in!

Diego : Now shake your hips! C'mon, really shake them!

All : Shake your hips!

Diego : Now stomp your feet!

Orangutans : Woo!

All : I see you understand! We're playing Follow the Leader like an Orangutan! Yeah!