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Dora & Friends Magical Mermaid Adventure Fishy
Name Fishy
Species Goldfish
Gender Male
Occupation Gold Polisher
Interests Polishing, being on a team
First Appearance Magical Mermaid Adventure
Last Appearance Magical Mermaid Adventure
Friends La Sirena Mala, Octopus Guards, Sea Turtles, Mariana, Dora, Emma, Kate, Naiya, Pablo
Voiced By

Fishy is a goldfish who works for La Sirena Mala in Dora and Friends: Into the City!.


Fishy is a friendly goldfish who enjoys polishing gold for La Sirena Mala. Despite this he befriends Dora and Mariana when they come to La Sirena Mala's treasure cave in search of a bag of gold coins stolen by La Sirena Mala's sea turtles. He tells them of La Sirena Mala's past and helps them escape from a cage after they are captured by La Sirena Mala. He speaks up for La Sirena Mala after Dora and her friends manage to find their gold coins despite La Sirena Mala's attempts to stop them. Mariana decides to give La Sirena Mala another chance and convinces her to return the gold. La Sirena Mala renames herself La Sirena Buena (as Mala is Spanish for bad, while Buena is Spanish for Good). When Fishy says he enjoys polishing, Mariana says he can polish all the gold in Mermaid Kingdom.